13 Reasons Why is the most-watched series on Netflix this week

13 REASONS WHY - Credit: David Moir/Netflix
13 REASONS WHY - Credit: David Moir/Netflix /

Just as we all predicted, 13 Reasons Why is the most-watched series on Netflix! Have you seen the latest season?

Last week, Mindhunter came close to taking down Orange is the New Black as the most-watched series on Netflix, but it fell short. There was never any doubt, however, that 13 Reasons Why would be stealing the crown.

TV Time’s Binge Report is out and the results are in! Let’s have a look at which Netflix shows made it to the top 10.

If you’re new to our Binge Reports, here are the quick details: TV Time keeps track of which shows and how many episodes its users watches. You can download the app on your phone to help give your favorite series a boost. This list isn’t limited to Netflix originals, but other networks as well. One thing’s for sure, though, Netflix show are always the big winners.

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This week, 13 Reasons Why is No. 1 with 7.68% of binge sessions. The third season of the controversial series gave viewers a lot to talk about, but the main focus seems to be Ani Achola, Liberty High’s latest arrival. Let just say, Grace Saif’s character was not very welcomed by her peers or audiences at home.

Mindhunter sits at No. 2, up one spot from last week’s third. Orange is the New Black can be found sitting at No. 3. Other Netflix shows taking over the top 10 include Lucifer at No. 5, Cable Girls at No. 6, Money Heist at No. 7, and Stranger Things near the bottom at No. 8.

This gives the streaming giant a total of seven spots in the top 10, not bad! Which of these shows have you binge-watched already? Don’t miss out!

Next week welcomes Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and Amazon Prime Video’s Carnival Row. Will either of these new additions dethrone 13 Reasons Why? That’s highly unlikely. As TV Time reports, season 2 of 13 Reasons Why kept its No. 1 spot for six consecutive weeks. But we’ll have to wait and see!

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