The Ranch officially ending after season 4 at Netflix

The Ranch - Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix
The Ranch - Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix /

Ashton Kutcher announced The Ranch is officially ending after season 4. There are still 20 episodes (Part 7 and Part 8) of the series coming to Netflix in 2019 and 2020.

The Ranch is officially ending after season 4, according to a report from TV Line. Ashton Kutcher, star and producer of the Netflix original series, announced the news on Twitter, and we have shared the tweet below.

Kutcher also let fans know that there will be 10 episodes of the show (Part 7) coming to Netflix later this year, but the final 10 episodes of the series (Part 8) will not be released on Netflix until 2020. He did not announce the release date for Part 7, which we thought was coming to the streaming network in July 2019.

There were reports and rumors for a long time that Netflix did not renew the series for season 5, so this news isn’t surprising. The timing is a bit odd, though. The cast and crew wrapped production on the series this spring, although Netflix did not confirm the series was ending until Kutcher’s recent tweet.

Sam Elliott, star of the series, was interviewed by several outlets ahead of the Oscars, and they were the first to report the show was ending after season 4. Elliott was nominated for an Oscar for his role in A Star is Born. 

This is obviously not the news fans of The Ranch want to hear. We thought the show would be announcing a June 2019 release date for Part 7, but that didn’t happen. We, then, thought the next news we’d hear about the show was the Part 7 release date for June, but that still didn’t happen. So, we’re surprised to finally here the show is ending, and that it will be drawn out longer than we thought.

The Ranch Part 6 premiered on Netflix in December 2018, and fans of the series are ready to see the next batch of episodes.

From the image shared by Kutcher in the tweet, it looks like Dax Shepard will be back for the remainder of the series. As mentioned, there are 20 episodes of The Ranch on the way in the near future.

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