The Ranch Part 7 now expected to be released in July 2019

The Ranch - Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix
The Ranch - Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix /

The Ranch Part 7 is expected to be released in July 2019. Originally, it looked like a June release date was in order, but not anymore.

It’s looking more unlikely The Ranch Part 7 is coming to Netflix in June and more likely the new episodes of the show will be released on the streaming service in July 2019.

Leading up to the month of June, we, and many other fans, were expecting Part 7 would be released on Netflix in June. Two other parts of the Netflix original series were released in June in their respective years, so it seemed like Netflix would keep that pattern.

Then, Netflix announced the list of new releases for June, and The Ranch Part 7 was left off that list. As mentioned at the time, it was possible, and it still is, that Netflix could release Part 7 in June and save the announcement until later. That’s rather unlikely now that June is almost upon us.

If Part 7 doesn’t come in June, it’s much more likely that the series will be released on the streaming service in July 2019. We still haven’t heard from Netflix or the cast about the release date, but I think a show like this works well between Stranger Things 3 (July 4) and Orange is the New Black (July 26).

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Originally, we thought Netflix should hold off on releasing Part 7 until after Orange is the New Black, but there’s a big enough gap between the two big July releases, and fans can and will binge-watch The Ranch in one day. It won’t take away from either of the bigger shows.

It’s entirely possible that Netflix will wait on The Ranch Part 7 and release the new episodes in late summer or even this fall. I don’t think that’s going to happen, though. It’s been a long wait for most fans of The Ranch who watched Part 6. I think many fans just binge-watched Part 6 when it was added to Netflix in December, so the longer Netflix waits to release the series, fans will start to get a little fed up.

I’m not saying they won’t watch, but when most fans thought the series was coming in June 2019, time is of the essence to get the new episodes of the show out there!

Most fans know, but I’ll repeat for those who don’t know. The Ranch Part 7 kicks off season 4 of the series. It’s already been reported that season 4 will be the finale season of the series, and it will end with Part 8, which we thought would be on Netflix in December 2019. It doesn’t look like that will be the case now.

Stay tuned for more news about The Ranch and its release date for Part 7!

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