Will Netflix’s You return for two more seasons? There are two more books in the works

You on Netflix photo via Netflix Media Center
You on Netflix photo via Netflix Media Center /

The series You on Netflix is one of the streaming giant’s biggest hits. Season 2 is coming soon, but will it be followed by two additional seasons as well? Here’s what we know!

When Lifetime cancelled You after one season (despite already promising fans a sophomore season), Netflix adopted the series after subscribers became obsessed and binged all the episodes on the streaming giant. You on Netflix was quickly a phenomenon. The streaming king even bragged about how You was viewed by nearly 40 million in a short amount of time.

It’s all very impressive, and season 2 of the stalker-drama is highly anticipated by many Netflix subscribers. And now, there’s even a possibility of two additional seasons. Here’s why!

As most of you may already know, You is based on the series of novels from Caroline Kepnes. There are only two books so far, and season 2 will be following the second book closely, based on what we’ve seen from casting announcements.

You season 2 release date on Netflix. light. Hot

For those who are fans of the books, don’t worry, You follows the events of the pages closely, but provides plenty of twists and turns for a fresh feel — we trust season 2 will do the same.

Entertainment Weekly recently announced author Kepnes has two more books in the works! Very exciting! Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, though. Movies and television shows move a lot faster than books, and the third You novel isn’t even out yet, but the second season premieres in a few months (no official date yet).

Caroline Kepnes must work closely together with Netflix to plan out the novels accordingly to time them right. If the third book is out by the end of the year, the streaming giant can definitely get started on season 3. That is, if season 2 is as popular as the first and manages to get enough views.

I wouldn’t be too upset, though, if You on Netflix takes a different turn than the novels. It’ll only give fans two very different stories to follow, and that’s always fun. What would you like to see for You on Netflix?

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