What is a SAG Award Ambassador? Meet 2024's dynamic duo

Find out the role of a SAG Award Ambassador and meet the dynamic duo Phil Dunster from Ted Lasso and Taylor Zakhar Perez from Red, White & Royal Blue!

24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Trophy Room
24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Trophy Room / Christopher Polk/GettyImages

One of the most dazzling nights of the year, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards took place last night, and this year, Netflix viewers were treated to a front-row seat to the star-studded gala as it streamed live globally on the platform for the first time ever! If you missed out on the live event, don't fret as you can still catch all the glorious moments of the 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on the streaming giant.

For those who missed out on all the excitement, the Ambassadors for the 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were two individuals whom you may be very familiar with...

Phil Dunster from Ted Lasso and Taylor Zakhar Perez from Red, White & Royal Blue were crowned as the dynamic duo for 2024. Wondering what it meant to be a SAG Award Ambassador? Eager to know more about Phil and Taylor's roles in this star-studded affair? You're in the right place! Join us as we reveal everything we know about the charming duo, and their role in the 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards below!

What is the role of a SAG Award Ambassador?

SAG Award Ambassadors play an important role during the event by offering viewers exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses into the ceremony and actively engaging in various SAG Awards pre-show events too. These ambassadors embody the highest values of the acting profession, serving as exemplary role models for the next generation of performers. Joining forces to bring a touch of magic to the SAG Awards experience, these individuals showcase not only their talent on-screen but also their commitment to fostering a positive and inspiring environment within the entertainment industry. 

Meet the SAG Award Ambassador - Phil Dunster and Taylor Zakhar Perez

Phil Dunster

Born on March 31, 1992, Phil Dunster is a talented British actor known for his role as Jamie Tartt in the critically acclaimed series Ted Lasso. Prior to his breakout role in Ted Lasso, Dunster appeared in various television series and theater productions, showcasing his versatility and acting prowess. You may know him from Murder on the Orient Express, Save Me, The Devil's Hour, and The Good Liar.

With captivating performances and unwavering dedication to his craft, Phil Dunster has swiftly ascended to the ranks of a rising star in the entertainment industry. His talent and commitment to his roles have earned him well-deserved recognition.

According to the SAG AWARDS official website:

"A charismatic and versatile talent, Emmy, Critics Choice, and Olivier Award-nominated British actor, director, writer, and producer Phil Dunster has quickly emerged as one of Hollywood’s most globally sought-after creatives. Dunster is best known for his Emmy and Critics Choice-nominated performance as “Jamie Tartt” in the SAG Awards, Golden Globes, Critics Choice, and Peabody, and Emmy Award-winning Apple TV+ cultural phenomenon Ted Lasso. His portrayal of the self-assured footballer has garnered critical recognition and been lauded for its emotional effectiveness and nuance. He is currently in production on season two of Surface, the acclaimed Apple TV+ psychological thriller, starring and executive produced by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, created by Veronica West, and produced by Apple Studios and Hello Sunshine."

SAG Awards

Phil Dunster's journey is undoubtedly one to watch as he continues to make waves in the dynamic world of entertainment.

Taylor Zakhar Perez

Born on December 24, 1991, in Chicago, Illinois, Taylor Zakhar Perez is an emerging actor known for his role in the popular romantic comedy film Red, White & Royal Blue. With his charming on-screen presence and engaging performances, Perez has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. You may recognise him from: The Kissing Booth 2 and 3, Minx, Cruel Intentions, and 1UP.

Taylor Zakhar Perez's commitment to his craft and his knack for breathing authenticity into his characters have firmly established him as a promising talent in the entertainment industry.

According to the SAG AWARDS official website:

"Taylor Zakhar Perez, with his dynamic and versatile acting ability, has quickly emerged as one of Hollywood's most notable talents. Taylor most recently appeared as the lead in Amazon Studios' film adaptation of The New York Times® Best Selling novel, Red, White & Royal Blue, playing the fictional character "Alex Claremont-Diaz", opposite Nicholas Galitzine and Uma Thurman. In his portrayal, Taylor delivered a compelling performance that not only captured the essence of the character but also received widespread acclaim, further solidifying his reputation as a powerhouse performer. Previously, Taylor caught the attention of many when he joined the sequel of the international phenomenon, The Kissing Booth, playing fan-favorite "Marco" in both the second and third installments of the franchise. He was also featured in the first season of HBO Max's critically acclaimed series, Minx, opposite Ophelia Lovibond; as well as in Buzzfeed Studios' 1Up, available on Amazon Prime Video."

SAG Awards

Taylor Zakhar Perez's journey is marked by success and a vibrant on-screen presence that continues to captivate audiences. Keep an eye on this emerging talent as he navigates the exciting landscape of the entertainment world!

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