Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 6 recap: “Here, There Be Monsters”

Gus and Birdie reunite in Sweet Tooth season 3's "Here, There Be Monsters"
Sweet Tooth. (L to R) Rosalind Chao as Zhang, Kelly Marie Tran as Rosie in episode 306 of Sweet Tooth. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
Sweet Tooth. (L to R) Rosalind Chao as Zhang, Kelly Marie Tran as Rosie in episode 306 of Sweet Tooth. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

After Gus's burst of power in episode 5, we get another flashback to open Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 6, “Here, There Be Monsters.” It picks up after the flashback we saw in the season premiere. Ikiaq, who has given birth to her baby, a hybrid, is left behind by the other settlers in the church. She isn’t allowed to bring her child, who turns out to be the Caribou Man, with the others. 

Years later, the Caribou Man finds Gus and leads him through the blizzard. Gus asks why he’s helping him, and the man replies, “heartbeat.” There are bigger forces at play here! 

They arrive back at the Church, and it’s clear that the Caribou Man is very injured. As Gus is trying to help him, Birdie is there! The reunion we’ve been waiting three years for is here in a rundown church in Alaska with the Caribou Man. Birdie and Gus try to save him. 

Back at the outpost, Zhang’s men are raiding the place looking for Jepp and Siana. They flee. Meanwhile, Becky and Wendy try to escape Zhang’s compound. 

Birdie and Gus talk about what they’re supposed to do. When the cave is mentioned, the Caribou Man tells Gus and Birdie to stay away from the cave. And, that’s when Singh’s plan comes into focus. He tells Zhang, who is concerned about her daughter getting closer to giving birth, that he’s planning a blood sacrifice. He’s going to kill Gus in the cave to restore what Captain Thacker broke in nature. Singh shares the vision of him killing Gus. He thinks that’s the thing that's going to save the humans, stop the hybrids, and cure the Sick. He promises to deliver Zhang a human grandchild if he can execute his plan. 

Birdie realizes that the Caribou Man is Ikiaq and Burke’s son. He’s over 100 years old. He reveals that he stopped humans from finding the cave to make sure that things stay how they should be. Gus tells the Caribou Man about his life, and at the end of his story, the Caribou Man tells Gus that nature should run its course and punish humans. After a burst of pain, he tells Birdie and Gus to find a “walrus tusk” to “tell her story.” Huh? 

Eventually, Gus and Birdie find the walrus tusk, and he tells his story.

After escaping the outpost, Odell leads the survivors to Birdie’s old place where Nuka, Siana, and Jepp are hiding out. There’s bad feelings toward Siana for bringing this on them. They want to turn on Jepp, but Jepp gives a big speech to rally the troops. My guy is basically a motivational speaker at this point. He says Gus was leading, but Jepp needs to give himself a little more credit. He offers to work together with the others at the outpost. Will they turn him in or work together? When they agree to work together, Becky and Wendy show up! The gang minus Gus is all there! 

The Caribou Man reveals the story of Captain Thacker and how he found the cure to all illness, but he took the blood of the Earth. The Earth responded with the Sick. He reveals that his mother died when he was a child, and the humans hurt him and treated him poorly. He says that the people are the disease and the Sick is the cure. 

Gus disagrees, but Birdie agrees. The Caribou Man, who shares his name is Munaqsriri, which means Guardian, and then he dies as a result of his injuries. He’s kept the cave safe from the humans all of these years. 

Rosie stays behind at the outpost while they search for Gus. Singh asks Zhang to promise that he can kill Gus when the time comes. 

Gus realizes that the walrus tusk is actually a map to the cave. 

As the polar night arrives, Gus and Birdie start to leave the church, but someone arrives knocking on the door of the church. Who is it? We'll find out in episode 7!