Supacell episode 2 recap: "Tazer"

Tazer finally reveals his superpowers in the second episode of Supacell
Supacell - Credit: Netflix
Supacell - Credit: Netflix /

At the end of the first episode of Supacell, Michael learns the devastating truth about what he and the four others are facing. If they don't succeed in stopping the hooded figures, Dionne will die. Now, he has to make it his mission to unite the five on the common goal of stopping those people in hoods, but it's not going to be that easy.

Spoilers for episode 2 of Supacell ahead!

In the second episode of Supacell, titled “Tazer,” Michael returns from the future to a panicked Dionne. He writes four names and a date on a piece of paper: “Rodney, Sabrina, Andre, and Tazer.” He also writes the date, July 7, that Dionne will die. He must unite the group, who we know has superpowers to stop those things from killing Dionne, and he has to work fast. 

After getting jumped at the party, stabbed, and nearly killed, Tazer and his friends, the Tower Boys, are out for revenge. Using a tip from a "friend," the Tower Boys try to jump the Sixers at their estate, as they call it in the show, but it’s an ambush! After chasing a young Sixer around a corner, suddenly, there are Sixers everywhere. The Tower Boys are completely overmatched. After running away, Tazer gets cornered. We haven't seen it yet, but Tazer reveals his true powers during the fight. He can turn invisible. When he’s cornered by a group of Sixers, Taser turns invisible and stabs the Sixers, who flee. Tazer early kills Chucky, the leader of the crew. 

Throughout the rest of the second episode, we see Rodney and Andre enjoying their new powers. Andre takes his son on a shopping trip, while Sabrina tries to rationalize what’s happening to her. Rodney begins selling weed even quicker than before, and business is better than ever.

Later, Tazer reveals his plans to get into the drug business and run London to Skreamer. It’s all about “Money. Power. Respect.” Tazer also shows some of the Tower Boys his powers. They put together a plan to start selling drugs in and around the area with the Sixers out of the way. 

That night, Michael tries to find Tazer by showing up at the Towers and asking Twosie about him. After giving Twosie his number, the Sixers jump them. They hold Michael down and try to shoot him, but Michael uses his powers and stops time! He grabs the bullet out of the air and teleports back to his apartment. 

The others get away and arrange the first big deal that will put the Tower Boys in the drug game, Twosie and Skreamer try to get Masher to give them the cocaine with an extension, but he kicks them out of the car. Tazer, then, steals the cocaine out of the car using his invisibility and replaces it with a brick of flour. 

The Tower Boys celebrate the theft later that night, but Krazy, Masher, and the dudes they stole from pull up with guns. And, that’s where the episode ends! 

Heading into the third episode, things are not looking good for Tazer. Michael is have a very difficult time figuring out who the other people are from the trip to the future.

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