Supacell episode 1 recap: "Michael"

Rapman's Supacell premiere introduces fans to a South London full of people with powers.
Supacell - Credit: Netflix
Supacell - Credit: Netflix /

Supacell, a new Netflix original series from Rapman, tells the story of five individuals connected by superpowers who team up to fight against a corrupt organization and its hooded minions who also have powers. 

Supacell stars Tosin Cole, Nadine Mills, Adelayo Adedayo, Josh Tedeku, Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Calvin Demba, Eddie Marsan, Yasmin Monet Prince, Rayxia Ojo, Michael Salami, Giacomo Mancini, and more. 

We shared what happens in the first episode of the first season!

The first episode of Supacell, titled “Michael,” begins with a woman trying to escape a facility. She uses superpowers, marked by glowing eyes, to rip the door off. Just as it appears she’s going to escape, she’s shot in the back and killed by armed security. She’s dragged through the facility while others like her watch in horror. 

Then, the episode starts to slowly introduce the main characters, including the titular Michael, played by Tosin Cole. Michael is a delivery driver who is very much in love with his girlfriend, Dionne, played by Adelayo Adedayo, a social worker who is trying to find several missing girls. One of those girls might look quite familiar. She’s actually being held in the facility we just mentioned.

We also meet Andre, played by Eric Kofi-Abrefa, who is a father with a criminal record just trying to hold a job, pay his bills, and take care of his son. Then, there’s Tazer, played by Josh Tedeku, who is trying to establish himself as a gang leader, but he’s having trouble with the rival Sixers gang, who jump him and stab him during a fight. 

Later in the episode, we meet Rodney, played by Calvin Demba, a small-time weed dealer, who works with his friend, Spud, played by Giacomo Mancini. Last but not least, we meet Sabrina, played by Nadine Mills. Sabrina is a nurse, but she’s also looking out for his sister, Sharleen, played by Rayxia Ojo, who has a history with Krazy, played by Ghetts, the leader of a gang who deals drugs and controls territory in South London. 

Most of the first episode is a get-to-know-you for the main cast. In the episode, Michael, who is going to be proposing to Dionne at dinner later that night, meets his mother at the hospital. She’s visited by a woman, Victoria, played by Siân Brooke, who offers her a place at a new program for sickle cell patients, Health & Unity. Remember that! 

Later, Michael is delivering a package in South London when he’s jumped by Tazer’s friends. They demand payment to deliver the parcel, but Michael doesn’t have any money. Tazer stabs him and kills him, but Michael’s powers activate. He goes back in time and avoids the stabbing, but he doesn’t fully understand what happened. 

After proposing to Dionne and making love at their apartment, Michael suddenly vanishes. He’s pulled to the future by a future version of himself, who shows him four people he must find and work together to stop these hooded figures from killing Dionne. 

Several others discover they have powers in the episode, too. Sabrina confronts her cheating boyfriend and accidentally throws him back with force without touching him. Telekinesis, anyone? Andre, who was just fired from his job in the episode, loses his cool when he sees he hasn’t been paid by his job. He punches and shatters the ATM, revealing his super-strength. 

Rodney, on the other hand, realizes he has super speed. After trying to catch the bus, he accidentally runs from London to Edinburgh. Wow! 

We still don’t know what Tazer’s powers are, but we find out soon! Up next is Supacell episode 2!

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