Shocker! Canceled Netflix series Uncoupled un-saved for season 2 at Showtime

Neil Patrick Harris starred in the romantic comedy series that was canceled by Netflix, saved by Showtime, and now un-saved by Showtime.

Uncoupled. Neil Patrick Harris as Michael in episode 108 of Uncoupled. Cr. Barbara Nitke/Netflix © 2022
Uncoupled. Neil Patrick Harris as Michael in episode 108 of Uncoupled. Cr. Barbara Nitke/Netflix © 2022 /

Well, that's not the news Uncoupled fans were hoping to hear... The romantic comedy series starring Neil Patrick Harris has had quite the chaotic journey post-premiere, and it's not done yet. Season 2 is no more for the second time.

After Netflix canceled the series after one season in January 2023, Showtime swooped in to save the show for season 2 one month later in February 2023. The series was produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, which falls under the Paramount umbrella along with the cable network.

Unfortunately, over one year after being saved, Deadline reports Showtime has walked back on Uncoupled's season 2 renewal. Michael Lawson just can't catch a break! The series first premiered on Netflix in June 2022 and performed modestly (see: underperformed), leading to the streamer cutting it after a single eight-episode season.

According to Deadline, the show's now second cancellation comes months into Showtime working to redevelopment Uncoupled in order to match it to the "network's sensibilities." At the time it was saved, the comedy was meant to be part of the cabler's revamped content strategy as part of the Paramount+ with Showtime launch. Clearly, something went awry.

Why ending Uncoupled before season 2 was a bad choice

Last June, Harris mentioned on The View that filming on Uncoupled season 2 was set to begin in July 2023, but the writers' strike (and then the actors' strike) ultimately caused a delay in the show's production. Deadline notes that filming was looking to pick up in May 2024 after 10 scripts had been "largely written."

It's odd that scripts had been written and a filming date had been set, but the decision to completely cancel the series came after its redevelopment for Showtime. Wouldn't that redevelopment have already happened if cameras were going to start rolling first in July 2023 and then for real in May 2024? All in all, it could ultimately come down to widespread post-strike budget cuts.

In the series, Harris starred as real estate agent Michael Lawson, who re-enters the New York City dating scene in his 40s after his long-term boyfriend Colin (Tuc Watkins) dumps him. He then goes on a real misadventure in singlehood with some pretty bad boyfriends. The now-series finale found Colin returning to Michael and admitting he made a mistake breaking up with him.

It's not the only cliffhanger left behind by Uncoupled's too-short first and only season, making its second cancellation all the more maddening for fans. We thought we would be getting resolution to these stories, only to have that possibility taken away — again!

The series had the potential to stand up to co-creator Darren Star's other popular romantic comedy series like Sex and the City and Younger with its varied portrayals of love, age, and sexuality. To have it canceled twice without getting to tell its full story feels like a complete and utter missed opportunity. Now that the axe has been dropped once more, a third shot seems extremely unlikely. Oh, what could have been!

Uncoupled currently remains available to watch on Paramount+ with Showtime.

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