Lindsay Lohan's brother is in Irish Wish (where does he appear?)

Lindsay Lohan is making her comeback with rom-coms, and the latest is Irish Wish. You can spot her brother, Dakota Lohan, in the movie.

Irish Wish on Netflix
Irish Wish on Netflix /

Irish Wish is now on Netflix, and it’s a must-watch for Lindsay Lohan fans. She is certainly making her comeback with rom-coms.

Did you know that Lindsay has three younger siblings? Two of them appeared in movies of the past, but it’s her brother Dakota Lohan who is jumping into the world of movies and TV. Yes, he does appear in Irish Wish.

Who is Dakota Lohan is Irish Wish?

Dakota has taken on the role of Finn in the movie. It’s never fully explained who he is, but he seems to be a friend of Paul’s rather than connected to Maddie’s side of things. That’s especially noted when he pops up in the actual wedding at the end. He is outgoing and just pops up with no real explanation except that he’s in the wedding party.

He is a groomsman, and there is a moment at the end where he is snapped in a photo next to Lindsay Lohan’s Maddie. We also get to see him show off his dance moves.

There is a personal connection for Lindsay and Dakota with Irish Wish. They are half-Irish on their father’s side, and this movie was a chance for the two of them to head to a place connected to their family. It was filmed in Ireland, after all.

Also, fun fact! Lindsay Lohan's sister has two songs on the Irish Wish soundtrack. She kept this one in the family!

Did you know he’s also in Lindsay Lohan’s Christmas movie?

You may have overlooked his uncredited cameo in Lindsay Lohan’s 2022 Christmas movie. According to his IMDb, he was a “Belmont Guest” in Falling for Christmas.

He is taking his acting career more seriously than his other siblings. However, he hasn’t appeared in that much right now. This is a chance for him to break out into roles as more people start to hear the name Dakota Lohan.

Irish Wish is now available to stream on Netflix.

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