Irish Wish on Netflix: Here's who you'll see in Lindsay Lohan's new rom-com!

Lindsay Lohan, Alexander Vlahos, Ed Speleers, and more star in the movie. Meet the full cast!

Cr. Patrick Redmond / Netflix © 2024
Cr. Patrick Redmond / Netflix © 2024 /

Who else is so excited to finally get another Lindsay Lohan movie? Because I am! I'm so pumped to see our rom-com queen in Irish Wish, and the time is almost here. Be sure you're ready on Friday, March 15, 2024 to tune in. Who joins the star in the cast? That would be:

  • Lindsay Lohan as Maddie
  • Alexander Vlahos as Paul
  • Ed Speleers as James
  • Ayesha Curry as Heather
  • Elizabeth Tan as Emma
  • Jane Seymour as Rosemary

The fantasy romantic comedy is centered around Lohan's character, ghostwriter Maddie, who has to put "her feelings aside" to be a bridesmaid at her best friends' wedding in Ireland, per the synopsis. Emma and Maddie's writer Paul are the ones getting married, though Maddie is in love with him even though no one else knows it. A few days before the wedding, she wishes she was marrying Paul Kennedy and her wish comes true! But perhaps Maddie will learn that her "real soulmate is someone else entirely."

Ready to learn more about the cast? Who are the familiar faces you'll see and which ones might be new to you? Scroll down below for all the details!

Cr. Patrick Redmond / Netflix © 2024 /

Lindsay Lohan as Maddie

Birthday: July 2, 1986
Age: 37
Instagram: @lindsaylohan

I mean, Lindsay Lohan is just iconic! She's been in so many great movies, mainly in the early 2000s. And though she was away from acting for years, we were so happy when she made a comeback in 2022 with Falling for Christmas on Netflix. The rom-com queen made a return! Now, we can look forward to the actress taking on the role of Maddie in Irish Wish.

Per Netflix, Maddie is a ghostwriter in New York. She does the work for Paul, who she has very strong feelings for. Though she never told him how she feels, and now he's marrying her best friend, Emma. Or will he because of the wish? Lohan is known for other projects like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls (the original and made a cameo in the 2024 film!), and Just My Luck. She has a third Netflix movie coming out sometime this year, Our Little Secret. Lohan is married to Bader Shammas and the couple has one son who they welcomed in July 2023.

Cr. Patrick Redmond / Netflix © 2024 /

Alexander Vlahos as Paul

Birthday: July 30, 1988
Age: 35
Instagram: @alexvlahosofficial

If you've been a fan of Alexander Vlahos for a while, you'll know that this type of film is kind of out of his foray. We're used to seeing the actor in very dramatic roles! Well, he's decided to switch it around now and we can't wait to see what he brings. The talent plays Paul, the writer who Maddie is ghostwriting for and has a crush on. He's also the one marrying Maddie's bestie. Based on the quick glimpses we get of him in the trailer, it seems like his image is very important to him. Even taking advantage of getting married to do PR photos.

I first heard of Vlahos when he joined Outlander season 6, and boy his character dark. Even though you don't understand the extent and why until later. But there's an air about Allan Christie, and the actor brought it on so well. Other than the hit historical drama, Vlahos is also known for the shows Merlin, Versailles, and Sanditon. Looking forward, the Welsh actor will appear in the British movie Firecracker, out sometime in 2024. Vlahos is married to Julia Huard and the two welcomed a baby boy in February 2024.

Irish Wish
Cr. Patrick Redmond / Netflix © 2024 /

Ed Speleers as James

Birthday: April 7, 1988
Age: 35
Instagram: @edwardjspeleers

Another actor I was first introduced to thanks to Outlander is Ed Speleers! He appeared in seasons 4 and 5. So he and and Vlahos actually never crossed paths on the show, but now have gotten a chance to work together. Like his co-star, Speleers' character on Outlander was very dark as well. And this time around, I'm already under his spell to be honest. He's so charming, and it's not surprising that Maddie will be falling for him. In Irish Wish, he plays James who is the photographer hired by Paul and Maddie.

Other than Outlander, Netflix viewers may recognize the actor from You season 4 where he played Rhys Montrose. He's also known for his roles in the film Eragon, as well as Downton Abbey and Star Trek: Picard. His upcoming project is biographical film Midas Man which does not have a release date yet. The British actor is married to Asia Macey and the couple has two kids.

Cr. Netflix © 2024 /

Ayesha Curry as Heather

Birthday: March 23, 1989
Age: 34
Instagram: @ayeshacurry

Ayesha Curry hasn't done much acting work, but I still definitely got excited when I first saw her on the cast list. I think she's going to be a fun addition! The personality takes on the role of Heather, who is the "classic best friend" to Maddie who is always there for her, per Netflix. In the press notes, Curry shared that Heather is the "voice of reason" in the movie.

Curry is known more in the cooking world, hosting her own show on the Food Network - Ayesha's Homemade. She started posting cooking videos on her YouTube page, even though she hasn't been professionally trained. Though clearly, she has a talent for it! The actress has also authored two cookbooks. Ayesha is married to basketball star Stephen Curry, and the couple has three kids and are currently expecting their fourth.

Cr. Patrick Redmond / Netflix © 2024 /

Elizabeth Tan as Emma

Birthday: Jan. 6, 1990
Age: 34
Instagram: @elizabethtan8

Elizabeth Tan is Emma, the best friend who is actually supposed to get married to Paul. With the Irish wish happening, I wonder what her role will be like and if sparks will still fly between her and Paul. Tan is a British actress and known as Li in Netflix's Emily in Paris, The Singapore Grip, and Top Boy.

Cr. Patrick Redmond / Netflix © 2024 /

Jane Seymour as Rosemary

Birthday: Feb. 15, 1951
Age: 73
Instagram: @janeseymour

British actress Jane Seymour will be playing Lohan's onscreen mother, Rosemary. We don't know much about the character yet, though based on the trailer it seems like Maddie turns to her mom for guidance when it comes to matters of the heart. The actress is best known for Captains and the King, East of Eden, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and Friendsgiving. She currently stars in the Acorn TV series Harry Wild, which should premiere its third season sometime this year. Seymour has four kids.

Irish Wish begins streaming Friday, March 15, 2024 on Netflix.

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