27 most romantic moments between Claire and Jamie on Outlander (seasons 1-5)

This couple has proved time and time again how committed they are to each other. Check out some of our favorite swoon-worthy moments from the first five seasons.
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Outlander is such a well-rounded story that gives you a little bit of everything. There's politics, war, drama, historical events, and so much more. The main characters are also likable and the character growth for each of them every season just makes it better and better. And of course, there's the romance between Claire and Jamie that always makes us swoon!

These two have so many great moments together, it's very hard to narrow down the list. With the first five seasons of Outlander streaming on Netflix, we picked 27 of the most romantic moments between Jamie and Claire from the first five seasons. Of course there's more, but these are our favorite and we don't want to spoil anything from seasons 6 and 7 for you just yet! There's a very good chance that will happen soon.

We're predicting Outlander season 6 will be added to Netflix in May 2024. As we wait, check out our list and swoon with us!

Outlander season 1

The first meeting

Their first meeting was anything but romantic. Poor Claire was soaking and cold, and Jamie's dislocated shoulder needed to be put back correctly. She helps him do so, as a nurse she couldn't stay quiet. It's not a long moment, but the eye contact and the way they look at each other. There's an instant connection for sure!

Claire cries in Jamie's arms

When the group gets to Castle Leoch and Claire is tending to Jamie's wound, she starts crying missing her husband Frank. This is completely fair at this point. When Jamie asks her, is he not alive? She answers, no he's not alive. And technically, that is true. She begins to cry, all the craziness of what's happened finally hitting her. Jamie holds her, and the emotion on his face portrays just how much this man is starting to feel for this woman. Even if he hasn't known her long. When she pulls away, he assures her she doesn't need to be afraid of him or anyone else at the castle, as long as he's with her. Aw! This was also an important moment because before she cries, Jamie opens up to Claire about being flogged, which is a personal story to him.

The wedding

The highlight of Outlander season 1 is probably the wedding episode. So many of us are obsessed with it and for good reason! Getting married to Jamie may not have been what Claire wanted initially, but deep down if she didn't care for him, even subconsciously, I don't think she would have gone through with it. Up until that point they were friends, but I love how slowly throughout the episode we see how the two relax around each other, learn about the other, and then the intensity just heats up! When he gifts Claire the pearls, it's such a sweet and intimate moment. It was also so romantic how Jamie wanted everything to be done right. He didn't want a hasty ceremony. He took the time to prepare, and it just shows the kind of man he is.

Making up after their first fight

Claire was close to going back through the stones before the red coats caught her, and she was taken into Black Jack's custody once again. The sick man uses violence to try and get answers, but Jamie bursts in, with an unarmed pistol no less, just in time. However because she wandered off, Jamie is angry at her because that's how she got caught and he made the mistake of beating her for it. Well, he finds a sincere way to apologize to her, pledging his fealty. And when she softens, he tells her that the ring he gave her is the key to Lallybroch, his home. He wanted her to know it's just as much hers as it is his. Stop it. They proceed to have a very passionate session with Claire making it very clear to him that he can never lay a hand on her again. Yes, ma'am.