Hit Man parents guide: How graphic and violent is the movie?

A spoiler-free guide to the content in Hit Man.
Hit Man. (L-R) Adria Arjona as Madison and Glen Powell as Gary Johnson in Hit Man. Cr. Brian Roedel/Netflix © 2024
Hit Man. (L-R) Adria Arjona as Madison and Glen Powell as Gary Johnson in Hit Man. Cr. Brian Roedel/Netflix © 2024 /

It's the summer of Glen Powell, and Netflix gets the party started with the actor's new romantic dark comedy movie Hit Man. In the movie he co-wrote with director Richard Linklater, he plays an average guy named Gary Johnson, who happens to work with the police department. When he takes on a new role posing as a hitman, his life takes a turn he was never expecting.

Although Hit Man definitely ranks as the biggest new Netflix movie release for the first weekend in June, it's not the best title to pick for family movie night to kick off summer. The movie includes some instances of sexual situations, a bit of graphic violence, and heightened language that's appropriate for for mature audiences but might still have content that triggers some viewers.

Hit Man is rated R for language, sexual content, and violence

According to the movie's official page on Netflix, Hit Man has earned an R rating for language throughout, sexual content, and some violence. If you're wondering whether the movie is too intense for younger members of your family, we're sharing some spoiler free explanations on why the movie has earned its R rating and what might be disturbing or unpleasant.

Hit Man. (L to R) Adria Arjona as Madison Masters and Glen Powell as Gary Johnson. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix /

Sex and nudity: While the movie does contain a sex scene, there is no nudity featured in either the scene or the movie. The sex scene between a male and a female character itself isn't graphic and doesn't last very long. Romance plays a large part in the movie's plot, but sex and nudity don't play a large part in the romance.

Drinking and drugs: There are a few instances of drinking alcohol and only references in dialogue to doing drugs.

Language: Here's the one that will have you thinking twice before putting this movie on with little ears around. The heightened language in the movie seals the R-rated deal. It's a natural part of the dialogue, but there are a lot of uses of profanity that aren't appropriate for younger viewers. Likewise, if you're not a fan of profanity, you have been warned.

Violence: As with language, the violence in the movie also helps earn the R rating. However, the violence isn't nearly as graphic as other action movies. There's minimal blood and gore, but there are lots of instances of gun violence and hand-to-hand combat fighting. The movie also contains references to domestic violence.

Overall, Hit Man probably shouldn't be watched by viewers younger than 17, and honestly, it probably won't appeal to viewers much younger than that anyway. It's an R-rated romantic dark comedy with both action and thriller elements, and its target audience is the adult demographic. Any teens in your home crushing on Glen Powell could likely get away with watching the movie for him, but just be wary of the above warnings. Unless your tween or teen is a film buff and loves Richard Linklater, they should probably skip this one and just watch Shrek or something.

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