4 best new Netflix movies to watch (and 2 to skip) in June 2024

Trigger Warning. Jessica Alba as Parker in Trigger Warning. Netflix ©2024.
Trigger Warning. Jessica Alba as Parker in Trigger Warning. Netflix ©2024. /

While you could argue that fall is the best time of the year for movies, you could argue that summer is the best time of the year for movies, too. Each summer, huge sequels and franchise movies like Barbie and Oppenheimer hit theaters looking to become blockbusters and snag the widest audience possible. But Netflix also gets into the blockbuster spirit.

Netflix kicks off its own summer movie rush in June, hot on the heels of its two successful late-spring movies Mother of the Bride and Atlas. June keeps the movie stars and big names coming with talents like Glen Powell, Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, and Zac Efron headlining the month's new titles. Wondering which movies are worth watching and which can be skipped? Let's get into Netflix's June slate!

Hit Man

Hit Man. (L to R) Adria Arjona as Madison Masters and Glen Powell as Gary Johnson. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix /

Watch! Right now, there's probably no actor as charming and watchable than Glen Powell. Although he's been in many movies and TV shows over the years, Powell had a breakthrough moment with Top Gun: Maverick and again with the rom-com Anyone But You. He looks to keep the highs high with two summer movies: Twisters and Netflix's dark comedy Hit Man. In the movie from director Richard Linklater, Powell plays a professor posing as a hit man to aid the police department, but he falls for a woman wanting to kill her husband. It's a must-watch and will be massive when it drops on June 7.

Under Paris

Under Paris - Netflix /

Skip! It seems like every summer, there's a new shark movie somewhere. Blake Lively had a hit shark movie with The Shallows, and Mandy Moore and Claire Holt had their own hit with 47 Meters Down. This June, Netflix releases a new shark movie, and this time it's set in Paris. In tandem with the summer olympics taking place in the city, the film follows a shark invading Paris in the Seine as the city hosts a triathlon championship. If you don't like sharks or shark movies, skip Under Paris when it's released on June 5. The movie's in a bit of hot water anyway...

Black Barbie

Black Barbie. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
Black Barbie. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

Watch! The Year of the Barbie movie continues! One year after Barbie heated up the big screen, Netflix releases a new documentary film about the heartwarming evolution of the Barbie doll. Black Barbie explores the leaps and bounds Mattel made in 1980 when three Black women at the company advocated for the release of a Black Barbie. The film discusses the importance of representation and inclusion and the impact they have on the young people playing with the dolls. Make sure to check out Black Barbie when the documentary premieres on June 19.

Ultraman: Rising

ULTRAMAN: RISING - When baseball superstar Ken Sato returns home to Japan to pick up the mantle of Earth-defending superhero Ultraman, he quickly finds more than he bargained for as he’s forced to raise the offspring of his greatest foe. Cr: Netflix © 2024 /

Watch! Each month, you can guarantee that Netflix will have something new for children and families, and June isn't any different. While the streamer launches summer popcorn movies with action and suspense, there's also an animated offering this month that's perfect for a kids' movie night. The sci-fi animated flick Ultraman: Rising centers on an athlete who assumes the role of Ultraman to help Tokyo from monsters, but along the way, he winds up raising one of the monsters. If you love stories about pseudo fathers and their pseudo children (a la The Mandalorian and Monsters Inc.), don't miss the touching new adventure movie on June 14.

Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning. Jessica Alba as Parker in Trigger Warning. Cr. Ursula Coyote/Netflix ©2024. /

Watch! Jessica Alba is back and she's taking names! The actress gets back to her action hero roots in Trigger Warning, in which she plays a Special Forces commando returning to her small town to unearth the truth behind her father's death. Sure, the synopsis sounds like a dime a dozen for the action-drama genre, but this one looks like a fun and exciting summer romp. It will hit hard, but Alba's character will hit even harder. And The Night Agent star Gabriel Basso's in it, too! Prepare for an actio-packed movie night on June 21. Don't skip Trigger Warning!

A Family Affair

A Family Affair. (L-R) Nicole Kidman as Brooke Harwood and Zac Efron as Chris Cole in A Family Affair. Cr. Aaron Epstein/Netflix © 2024 /

Skip! Look, you should only skip A Family Affair if you aren't a fan of romantic comedies. Otherwise, it's a definite watch. Joey King stars as a young woman whose mother (played by Nicole Kidman) starts dating her boss (played by Zac Efron). It's slightly similar to Amazon Prime Video's hit rom-com The Idea of You starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitizine. If you loved that movie, you'll probably love A Family Affair. If you didn't love that movie, you probably won't love this one. Your mileage may vary on if you watch or skip the surefire hit rom-com on June 28.

What new Netflix movies will you be watching or skipping in June?