7 hilarious sitcoms with mostly Black casts on Netflix

The Upshaws. (L to R) Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah, Daria Johns as Savannah, Diamond Lyons as Kelvin in episode 402 of The Upshaws. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
The Upshaws. (L to R) Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah, Daria Johns as Savannah, Diamond Lyons as Kelvin in episode 402 of The Upshaws. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

It's officially Black History Month, and I'm sure you're probably looking for something to watch that showcases the achievements and history of African Americans. Obviously, the first choice would be various documentaries, but once you're done watching those, we recommend watching something more on the comedy side. As always, Netflix has just what you need.

The streaming giant has picked up several Black sitcoms over the years. And these aren't your ordinary sitcoms. They're hilariously funny! I'm talking sitcoms from the '90s and early 2000s. Netflix has even produced some of its own Black sitcoms. But while most of them have been complete failures, there are two in particular that have done well for themselves.

Are you wondering what those two sitcoms are? No worries! We shared the names below, as well as five more hilarious Black sitcoms on Netflix that are definitely worth checking out.

The Upshaws. (L to R) Kim Fields as Regina, Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah, Mike Epps as Bennie, Wanda Sykes as Lucretia, Journey Christine as Maya, Diamond Lyons as Kelvin in episode 401 of The Upshaws. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

The Upshaws

This is one of the Black sitcoms that Netflix produced and that is currently faring well. Unlike most shows on Netflix that go by seasons, The Upshaws splits its episodes into parts. There are four parts streaming on Netflix so far, with a fifth part coming in spring 2024 and a sixth part currently in the works.

It's a show starring Mike Epps and Kim Fields as the Upshaws, a married couple living in Indiana with their four kids. Throughout the series, viewers watch as the working-class family do their best to navigate life’s ups and downs together. Joining Epps and Fields in the main cast are Wanda Sykes, Diamond Lyons, Khali Spraggins, Journey Christine, and Jermelle Simon.

Family Reunion. (L to R) Talia Jackson as Jade, Jordyn Raya James as Ami, Cameron J. Wright as Mazzi, Jasun Jabbar Wardlaw Jr. as Tyson in episode 306 of Family Reunion. Cr. Kevin Estrada/Netflix © 2022 /

Family Reunion

Family Reunion is another funny sitcom featuring a mostly Black cast on Netflix. In fact, it's a Netflix original series. Created by Meg DeLoatch, Family Reunion follows the McKellan family who move from Seattle to Georgia to be closer to extended family. Like The Upshaws, Family Reunion is split into parts. There are five parts in total, and throughout the five parts, we watch as the McKellans go through new obstacles and situations that sometimes cause a rift between them, but by the end, they all come together and realize that family is what’s most important.

Tia Mowry, Anthony Alabi, Loretta Devine, Talia Jackson, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Cameron J. Wright, Jordyn Raya James, and many others are in the cast.

What I love most about Family Reunion is that it displays a positive representation of an African-American family. It also touches on current social issues that might not be the most comfortable to talk about, but it’s needed.

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My Wife and Kids

My Wife and Kids is one of Netflix's most recent acquisitions, and I couldn't be happier about it! It's a Black sitcom from the early 2000s that aired on ABC for five seasons before ending in May 2005. Created by Don Reo and Damon Wayans, My Wife and Kids follows the lives of an upper-middle-class African-American family in Connecticut. The family is made up of Michael Kyle Sr., a successful trucking company executive and the patriarch of the family, his go-with-the-flow wife Janet, and his three very different kids.

Damon Wayans stars as the protagonist, Michael Kyle Sr. Tisha Campbell, Parker McKenna Posey, Jennifer Nicole Freeman, and George O. Gore II join Wayans in the main cast.

Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, Jill Marie Jones, Reggie Hayes
UPN Prime Time 2002-2003 Upfront Party / Jim Spellman/GettyImages


If you weren't watching Girlfriends in the early 2000s, then what were you watching? Seriously! It's a comedy-drama sitcom following the lives of four close friends living in Los Angeles who lean on each other when facing life's tests and triumphs together. The amazingly talented cast is made up of Emmy-nominated actress Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, Jill Marie Jones, Reggie Hayes, Khalil Kain, Keesha Sharp, and others. All eight seasons of the series are available to stream on Netflix, so you have plenty to watch and enjoy.

Dorien Wilson, Countess Vaughan James, Mo'Nique, Yvette Wilson
Jenna von Oy, Dorien Wilson, Countess Vaughan James. Yvette Wilson / Frederick M. Brown/GettyImages

The Parkers

You just had to be there when The Parkers began airing on UPN in 1999. In this hilarious Moesha spinoff, actresses Mo'Nique and Countess Vaughn star as mother and daughter who both attend the same college. When Nikki Parker (Mo'Nique) decides to go back to school to continue her education, her daughter Kim (Countess Vaughn) couldn't be more mortified that she'll be attending the same junior college as her. The rest of the main cast includes Mari Morrow, Dorien Wilson, Jenna von Oÿ, Ken L., and Yvette Wilson.

Garcelle Beauvais, Jamie Foxx
"White House Down" New York Premiere / Jim Spellman/GettyImages

The Jamie Foxx Show

So, we have sort of a problem here. The show to put Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx on the map isn't on Netflix just yet. Unfortunately, all five seasons of The Jamie Foxx Show aren't coming to the streaming platform until March 1. However, I'm just happy that Netflix decided to pick up the streaming rights.

Originally airing on The WB, The Jamie Foxx Show follows Jamie King, an aspiring actor and singer who moves from Texas to California in hopes to achieve his dreams. But in order to support himself, he finds himself having to work at his uncle's financially strapped Los Angeles hotel. While there, he meets desk clerk, Francesca "Fancy" Monroe, and tries to win her affections even though she doesn't give him the time of day.

Jamie Foxx portrays the leading role of Jamie King, while Garcelle Beauvais plays Fancy. Christopher B. Duncan, Ellia English, and Garrett Morris are also in the cast.

Pooch Hall, Coby Bell, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Hosea Chanchez, Tia Mowry
Network Premiere Event For BET's "The Game" And "Let's Stay Together" / Earl Gibson III/GettyImages

The Game

One of the best Black TV couples of all time is hands down Derwin and Melanie from The Game. They went through many ups and downs in their relationship, but love prevailed in the end. If you haven't already watched this funny sitcom, you can do so through Netflix right now. Sadly, the entire series isn't streaming on the platform, but you're able to watch the first three seasons. You can watch the other six seasons on Paramount+.

Here's what the show is about via Netflix:

"Medical school student Melanie adjusts to life in the world of professional sports when her boyfriend Derwin becomes a pro football player."

Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall star as Melanie and Derwin. Brittany Daniel, Hosea Chanchez, Coby Bell, Wendy Raquel Robinson, and many others join them in the cast.

Will you be watching any of these Black sitcoms on Netflix?

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