Goodbye Godmother: No, Griselda season 2 is not happening on Netflix

And we don't think a second season is needed. Here's why.

Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Sofia Vergara absolutely embodies and nails the role of Griselda Blanco in the new Netflix series, Griselda! The biographical crime drama is based on real events, people, and the Godmother of Cocaine herself in '70s and '80s Miami. The show of course dramatized and changed certain aspects, but a lot of the events portrayed did happen or were similar to the true story.

If you liked the series too, then you're probably wondering whether a second season is happening. The answer would be, no. There will not be a Griselda season 2 on Netflix. The show was always billed as a miniseries. And though those sometimes do get a second season, this story was pretty much played out. The characters' arcs came to, many of them, a deadly conclusion. Or some kind of conclusion nonetheless.

* Spoilers from Griselda series ending below *

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Why a second season of Griselda isn't needed

We end the drama with Griselda finding out that three of her sons, Uber, Dixon, and Ozzy, have all died ahead of her upcoming release from prison. It's truly a shame that she let the power get to her. She and her oldest sons had a close relationship despite not being mother of the year. The powerful drug lord could have led a wonderful life with them, Dario, and their son Michael. Instead she got drunk with power and lost everything.

So with the way the series ended, Griselda imagining herself on that beach with her boys one more time and the text telling us the real-life figure died at the age of 69, this strongly suggests that the creative team has nothing more to tell. After all, the meat of the story is how the Godmother got her start, earned the title, and then the consequences of her decision. That's a fully wrapped story for you right there. That's why even if Netflix were thinking of making a second season, it really isn't necessary.

Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

In real-life, Blanco was sentenced to 15 years on drug charges, and then in 1998 later 20 years for three counts of second degree murder. Though in 2004 with her declining health, she got a compassionate release and deported to Medellín. In 2012, an assassin on a motorcycle shot her twice and killed her. While this is all interesting, the series did change certain details like alloweing Griselda to come to an agreement of serving only seven years. And still, I don't think we really need to see her life after prison. The main part of the story was told, and it ended in a good place.

It was so interesting to see Vargara in such a dramatic role after seeing her on Modern Family for years. But she is one talented actress and did such a great job! Though it all, it was her who shined the brightest and makes watching the intense series worth it. Because believe me. This is not for the faint of heart. Would you want to see a Griselda season 2?

Griselda is now streaming on Netflix.

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