Every season of Love is Blind ranked from worst to best

Which season of Love is Blind is the best?
Love Is Blind. (L to R) Natalie Lee, Shayne Jansen in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2022
Love Is Blind. (L to R) Natalie Lee, Shayne Jansen in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /
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Love is Blind premiered on Netflix just in time for Valentine's Day 2020, and it was an immediate viral hit. The Netflix original reality TV series features a unique premise.

Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, Love is Blind features a group of about 20-30 contestants who begin dating in pods. They can't see each other, but they speak over several days. To continue with the "experiment," the couples get engaged, go to a resort for a romantic getaway, and then live with each other in an apartment for about a month before meeting at the altar where they choose to get married or break up.

As of February 2024, six seasons of Love is Blind are now streaming on Netflix (with even more seasons reportedly in the works). We ranked all six seasons of the series from worst to best!

Let's get the list started with the worst of the seasons so far, Love is Blind season 5!

6. Love is Blind season 5

Love is Blind. Stacy Snyder in episode 503 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Location: Houston, Texas

Release Date: Sept. 22, 2023


  • Lydia Gonzalez and Milton Johnson IV
  • Taylor Rue and JP Pierce
  • Stacy Snyder and Izzy Zapata

Love is Blind season 5 is the worst season of the series so far, and it's not particularly close. Yes, there was lots of drama, but overall, the couples weren't very strong, and the drama was more silly than anything. It felt very manufactured because there was a hiccup in casting that splilled over into the pods, which ruined the experience for a few contestants.

Most of the season's drama revolved around Lydia Gonzalez and Uche Okoroha, who dated before going on the show. Uche alleged that Lydia followed him onto the show, which she denied. For the first time, the show featured two people in the pods who knew each other on the outside, which started to ruin the experiment, along with Uche's relationship with Aaliyah Cosby. This drama also continued outside the pods.

Unfortunately, only three couples end up coming out of the pods engaged. Taylor Rue and JP Pierce seemed to have a good connection in the pods, but they had zero chemistry when they met each other and went to the resort in Mexico. JP was very rude to Taylor, and they broke up.

Only Lydia and Milton and Izzy and Stacy make it to the altar. Lydia and Milton get married, while Izzy and Stacy break up. Overall, this season just lacked everything that makes the first few seasons of Love is Blind so great.

Luckily, this is by far the worst season of the show. It gets so much better as the list goes on. Up next is Love is Blind season 6!