Cobra Kai season 6 three-part release dates(!) confirmed (and it's way sooner than we thought)

Netflix favorite Cobra Kai will return in 2024, and its three-part release is scheduled for far sooner than we were anticipating.
Cobra Kai season 6
Cobra Kai season 6 / Netflix

It's time for us to return to the dojo, karate students. Cobra Kai season 6 officially has a premiere date — three premiere dates, actually — and the return of the Netflix action-dramedy is coming way sooner than we had anticipated. As announced by Netflix today, the highly-anticipated sixth and final season will be split up into three parts, with the grand finale serving as its own event with a one-episode release. Unexpected? Yes, I agree! I wonder what the fanbase will think about this news.

Cobra Kai returns in July 2024 for season 6 part 1!

Mark your calendars, Cobra Kai fans. The first part of season 6 will be released on Netflix on Thursday, July 18, the second part will be released on Thursday, Nov. 28, and the finale (which is being dubbed "The Finale Event") will drop at some point in 2025. What a release strategy! This is nothing like Netflix has done before with Cobra Kai, so it's only fitting this dramatic schedule comes in time for the final season.

At the time of this writing, we don't know how many episodes will be in the first two parts of Cobra Kai season 6, though it has been confirmed that the final installment will consist of a whopping 15 episodes. That's five more than previous seasons included, which I'm sure fans will be very happy about. The fan-favorite, nostalgic series is going out with a bang, and now I'm even more excited than I already was to watch these final episodes!

Check out the epic release dates announcement video below!

Along with the release dates news, Netflix also shared the synopsis for Cobra Kai season 6 along with new stills to give us a glimpse into what's going on for our favorite (and least favorite) characters. Check it all out below!

"Picking up with Cobra Kai eliminated from the Valley, our senseis and students must decide if and how they will compete in the Sekai Taikai — the world championships of karate."

Season 6 synopsis

It looks like Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang will join forces (at least, for a little) in Cobra Kai season 6:

Cobra Kai season 6 / Netflix

Johnny and Carmen are getting ready for the birth of their baby:

Cobra Kai season 6 / Netflix

Kreese?! Shouldn't you be put back in jail?

Cobra Kai season 6 / Netflix

The boys are getting after it while training for what might be the most important tournament yet:

Cobra Kai season 6 / Netflix

Chozen survived a near-death experience in season 5, so it's great to know he's back on his feet (and maybe a little too comfortable at the LaRusso house):

Cobra Kai season 6 / Netflix

The girls are also training, hopefully in harmony this time around?

Cobra Kai season 6 / Netflix

And last but not least, look at these guys! Three Karate Kid icons training together:

Cobra Kai season 6 / Netflix

The news that Cobra Kai is returning with season 6 as early as July is very surprising. We expected the show to come back by the end of 2024, but we were in no way speculating it would be as soon as a little over two months from now! Filming for season 6 began at the start of 2024, and What's On Netflix reported that they would be done at the end of July. Given the show is returning in July, could that be true? Well, yes, it actually could be. Because Netflix is splitting up the season into three parts, it's entirely possible that the cast could be still shooting the second part (and/or the finale) after part 1 is released.

That's not typically how Netflix does things, but the release of Cobra Kai season 6 is evidently very different! Plus, we know that this show doesn't need an extensive amount of VFX in post-production like some other Netflix Originals do.

With the return of Cobra Kai coming up quickly, fingers crossed we'll get to see more teasers from the new season, along with a full-length trailer very soon. We'll continue to keep you updated here at Netflix Life!

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