Blue Eye Samurai season 2 renewed at Netflix: Everything we know so far

Blue Eye Samurai season 2 is officially a go at Netflix! Here's all you need to know about the upcoming second season.
Blue Eye Samurai. Maya Erskine as Mizu in Blue Eye Samurai. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023
Blue Eye Samurai. Maya Erskine as Mizu in Blue Eye Samurai. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023 /

2023 is almost over, and Netflix seems to be announcing its last renewals for the year. Luckily, Blue Eye Samurai made the cut, and the adult animated series will be returning with a second season in the future. The good news was announced on Dec. 11. A Blue Eye Samurai season 2 is officially happening!

Blue Eye Samurai is easily one of the best Netflix animated shows to come out this year. The first season was released on Nov. 3, and tons of people tuned in to see what the show was all about. Critics and regular viewers alike had mostly positive things to say about the series. In fact, the first season was even given a perfect Tomatometer score of 100% and a 96% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show has been praised for being aesthetically pleasing, having an engaging storyline, being filled with plenty of action, etc. The voice cast was even applauded for giving exceptional performances through and through. Since there were so many positives about the first season, we weren't necessarily surprised that a Blue Eye Samurai season 2 was announced. But we were shocked by how soon Netflix gave the green light

Blue Eye Samurai season 2
Blue Eye Samurai (L to R) Maya Erskine as Mizu in Blue Eye Samurai. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023 /

It only took a little over a month for Netflix to announce a season 2 renewal. The streamer doesn't usually renew its new shows so soon. But it looks like Netflix really saw this show's potential. Sadly, there aren't many details released about the second season just yet, but we shared what we know so far.

Show co-creators Amber Noizumi and Michael Green had this to say about the renewal:

"When we started this project, we made a commitment to take this very personal story set in Edo-period Japan and bring it to life in the most authentic and beautiful way possible. Our animators, historians, musicians, martial artists, and voice cast made this a reality beyond our expectations. We are thankful to our entire team and to our viewers from all over the world who have shown such passion for Mizu and her path of revenge. Mizu has a lot more blood to spill! We are deeply grateful to our incredible partners at Netflix for letting the journey continue."


Blue Eye Samurai follows Mizu, a mixed-race master of the sword who's hellbent on revenge. She's been an outcast all of her life because of her biracial identity. Now, she's older and lives life in disguise as she sets out on a journey to find and kill the four white men who made her an outsider and into a self-described “monster.” Joining her on her journey is a soba maker named Ringo, an arrogant samurai named Taigen, and a princess named Akemi.

Maya Erskine voices the protagonist, Mizu. In addition, Masi Oka (Ringo), Brenda Song (Akemi), Darren Barnet (Taigen), George Takei (Seki), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (The Swordmaker), Randall Park (Heiji Shindo), Kenneth Branagh (Abijah Fowler), Stephanie Hsu (Ise), Ming-Na Wen (Madame Kaji), Harry Shum Jr. (Takayoshi) and Mark Dacascos (Chiaki) are also in the voice cast.

According to Netflix, Green and Noizumi had already had a second season planned out. They were just hoping that many people would watch the first season so that Netflix would give the green light for another season. Well, it looks like tons of people really did tune in and watch season 1 because a Blue Eye Samurai season 2 is officially a go at Netflix.

The first season ends with Mizu on a ship heading to London in search of the two remaining white men. Below deck is Abijah Fowler, who Mizu is keeping prisoner. When asked if Mizu's journey to London will be in a second season, Green told Netflix that it will be.

Co-creator Noizumi had this to say about Mizu's journey to London in season 2:

"It would be an interesting part of Mizu’s personal journey to see how Europeans react to her. What would she think of Western culture when she’s suddenly immersed in it? Are they all the monsters she thinks they are?"


Now that a Blue Eye Samurai season 2 is in the works, we should be learning more about it as the show moves further into the filmmaking process. Of course, you can count on us at Netflix Life to keep you constantly updated. As more information comes out, we'll be sure to update this space.

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