Anna Camp shares behind-the-scenes look at You season 5 with Penn Badgley

Anna Camp stars as two characters in You season 5.
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Your first look at Reagan or Maddie Lockwood in the final season of the Netflix original series, You, has arrived.

Anna Camp, a new cast member for You season 5, just shared a behind-the-scenes picture of herself and Penn Badgley on Instagram.

In the new season, Camp stars as Reagan and Maddie, Kate Lockwood's identical twin sisters. While they look the same, these sisters are very different. According to Variety, Netflix describes Reagan as a "cunning, cutthroat CFO of the Lockwood Corp who has her eyes on the throne and will crush any adversary…be them family or not." Maddie isn't like her twin at all. She is described as "the unserious twin."

She also is "a thrice-divorced socialite whose job is ‘vaguely PR.’ But make no mistake, a master manipulator lies underneath Maddie’s frivolous façade," according to Variety.

Which Lockwood is in the picture with Badgley's Joe Goldberg? Well, your guess is as good as mine! I don't know, but they both sound like trouble for Joe and Kate. Based on the description, I do think this is Reagan and Joe, not Maddie and Joe, but I could be totally wrong.

The cast and crew just started filming on You season 5 at the end of March. Production is scheduled to last until August, according to production listings. What I'm trying to say is that You season 5 isn't coming to Netflix anytime soon, so we probably won't get much of a look at the final season, aside from Camp's photo, for a long time.

It also means that You season 5 isn't coming to Netflix until 2025. We'll be sure to let you know more about the release date when we find out.

In addition to Camp and Badgley, Charlotte Ritchie, who plays Kate Lockwood, is back for season 5. Then, there's a bunch of new cast members. Madeline Brewer and Griffin Matthews were confirmed with Camp's casting announcement.

Some of these cast members were just announced earlier this month. Natasha Behnam, Tom Francis, b, and Pete Ploszek round out the rest of the confirmed season 5 cast.

We're also expecting a few of the returning cast from other seasons of You to return. It's definitely possible that we could see Tati Gabrielle, Jenna Ortega, Amy-Leigh Hickman, and Tilly Keeper in the final season. They've all crossed paths with Joe in the past, and they all know about what he's done and capable of. I have a feeling that'll be of interest to someone in the final season.

We'll share more news about You season 5 when we find out. For now, enjoy the behind-the-scenes picture from Camp!

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