25 Best Anime Series on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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22. Knights of Sidonia

Seasons available: 2

Rating: TV-MA

Languages: Japanese with English and Spanish subtitles, English and Spanish dubbed

Knights of Sidonia was Netflix’s first foray into licensing an anime series. As you can pretty clearly see from the above trailer, it’s another science fiction show that involves robots and space. Here’s the gist of the series, per the trailer’s description.

A millennium ago, Earth was destroyed. However, a group of genetically modified humans escaped and built a new society, now housed on the ship Sidonia. Everything isn’t perfect, either on the ship or outside it. Alien beings called the Gauna want nothing more than to make humans extinct. Meanwhile, on the inside, society has once again settled into classes, meaning our protagonist, Nagate, briefly goes unnoticed despite his aptitude for piloting the Guardian mecha.

We say “briefly” because of course, he’s going to get noticed.

You can also see some slight differences from what you’d expect an anime to look like in the animation style here. Knights of Sidonia uses CG and has rather embraced the medium. Netflix reviews range from calling it a great series to a “slurry of anime tropes,” which is a nice burn if nothing else.

As the rating indicates, this one isn’t for kids, either.