25 Best Anime Series on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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23. Red Data Girl

Seasons available: 1

Rating: TV-14

Languages: Japanese with English subtitles, English dubbed

Red Data Girl follows the adventures of Izumiko and Miyuki. Izumiko, to whom the title refers, happens to be a vessel for a powerful spirit (translated as “goddess” by Netflix); Miyuki has the destiny of protecting her. So, how do Izumiko’s powers work? First, she has some serious issues with technology and electronics. Being the vessel of an immortal spirit will do that to you. However, there are others who also know of Izumiko’s powers, and they’d like to put those to use, even while Miyuki tries to keep her safe.

As reviews on Netflix point out, Red Data Girl can get very confusing despite only having 13 episodes of 25 minutes each. In short, the series adds in many threads to follow, but with such a limited time to tell these stories, it can be difficult to keep everything completely straight. (A lot of more negative reviews mention having issues following the plot and feeling like they came away unsatisfied.)

However, other reviewers also praise the show’s mythology and the high quality of animation.

Don’t start with this as your very first anime; it’s more of a deeper cut.