Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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joy ride 3
joy ride 3 /


Release Year: 2014

Director: Declan O’Brien

Starring: Ken Kirzinger, Jesse Hutch, Ben Hollingsworth

Everyone’s favorite joyriding maniac Rusty Nail returns to punish unsuspecting victims. In the third installment of the series, Rusty targets a group of street racers traveling on their way to a large street racing event.

My favorite element of the Joy Ride movies is how Rusty seemingly always gives his victims a chance to live but at a great cost. Joy Ride 3 has some very similar ideas working that you might see in a Saw film, really throttling up the intensity quickly.

Every time the street racers seem to be getting closer to escaping Rusty, something terrible goes wrong. Rusty Nail is top-notch killer, constantly raising the bar with his brutal killings and mind games. Perhaps fittingly, if you are looking for a happy ending, you won’t find one within Joy Ride 3.

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