Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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the shrine
the shrine /


Release Year: 2010

Director: Jon Knautz

Starring: Aaron Ashmore, Cindy Sampson, Meghan Heffern

A female journalist, Carmen, requests to visit a small town in Poland to investigate the disappearance of tourists. Oddly all the missing tourists’ luggage begins to turn up all over central Europe. As Carmen digs deeper, she discovers just how disturbing things are in this rural small town.

Carmen, her intern Sara, and Carmen’s boyfriend, Marcus all make the trip to investigate together. By the end of the mysterious story, only one of the three is left. The Shrine’s horror factor spawns from the creepy villagers, who we later find out, are part of an evil cult.

Music and sound effects in scary movies are extremely vital. A very cool aspect of the film is the soundtrack and The Shrine received a Grammy nomination for Best Score Soundtrack in 2012.

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