4 scariest Christmas horror to watch on Netflix this week (Dec.11, 2023)

Black Christmas - Courtesy Tubi
Black Christmas - Courtesy Tubi /

The holiday season is upon us, and Netflix has a many Christmas-themed movies and shows to keep you entertained all season long. While it evokes the Christmas spirit to snuggle up with holiday rom-coms and family movies, some enjoy a scare during their holiday viewing. Below is a list of some great horror to watch this season.

The streamer features great holiday movies released this year, including The Claus Family 3, Best. Christmas. Ever! starring Brandy Norwood and Heather Graham, and don’t miss the animated family movie The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday.  This season the wildly popularVirgin River has two holiday episodes that you won’t want to miss.

If you are looking for a holiday classic, be sure to watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, but hurry; it will be removed from Netflix on December 31.

Now, let’s check out some excellent holiday horror.

Holiday Horror to watch on Netflix this week

Black Christmas (2019)

Black Christmas is a holiday slasher film, a loose remake of the cult classic film from 1974. (not to be confused with the 2006 remake) The story follows a sisterhood of girls who attend Hawthorne College and are preparing for a season of holiday parties. When a masked stalker begins a killing spree of the sorority sisters, the girls take matters into their own hands.


The Danish horror-fantasy series Elves follows a family who decide to spend their holidays vacationing on a remote island. Unbeknownst to them, ancient elves thrive on the island. They quickly discover the residents are strongly religious and live in balance with the fierce woodland creatures. When the elves begin to terrorize the family, their holiday getaway turns into something very different than their planned attempt to reconnect their family.

All My Friends Are Dead

This one isn’t actually a Christmas horror, but All My Friends Are Dead takes place during a New Year’s Eve party with Christmas decorations still displayed, so that’s close enough. The Polish horror-comedy follows friends ready to ring in the new year, but as events unfold, secrets are exposed, and hearts are broken, leading to a shocking outcome.

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities: Episode 4 – “The Outside” (2022)

Cabinet of Curiosities is an anthology similar to the Alfred Hitchcock Hour. The series features fantastic creature design for which del Toro is known. The fourth hour-long episode, “The Outside,” tells of an office Christmas party that goes terribly wrong. Stacey (Ana Lily Amirpour), who longs to be accepted by her beautiful co-workers, brings a gift of taxidermy for the exchange, a gift that isn’t received well. She receives the gift of a popular lotion, Alo Glo, which upon the first application, Stacy develops a rash, which begins her horror story.

Have a great week enjoying many holiday favorites on Netflix.

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