Here’s everything we know so far about Big Mouth season 8

Big Mouth (L to R) John Mulaney as Andrew and Nick Kroll as Maury in Big Mouth. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023
Big Mouth (L to R) John Mulaney as Andrew and Nick Kroll as Maury in Big Mouth. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023 /

Who knew a show about the wonders and horrors of puberty would be such a major success at Netflix? Not us! There’s no arguing that Big Mouth changed the game for adult animation on Netflix, and we’re looking forward to seeing how everything wraps up in the upcoming eighth and final season.

Taking over the title of the “longest scripted series in Netflix history” from Grace & FrankieBig Mouth will surely have everyone tuned in when its eighth season drops. Fans will be finally saying goodbye to the popular adult animated series after an eight-season run, and it’s not going to be easy.

Big Mouth season 8 is not something you want to miss, so you definitely want to keep it on your radar. We’ll even help you out by sharing all there is to know about it below. And don’t worry! We’ll continue to update this space with new information about the new season as it’s announced.

Spoilers from Big Mouth season 7 ahead. 

How does Big Mouth season 7 end?

The seventh season ends with best friends Nick and Andrew going off to different high schools. While Andrew, Jessi, and Jay choose to go to Bridgeton High School, Nick chooses to go to a private school called Cobblestones Academy. At Bridgeton, Andrew, Jessi, and Jay navigate high school life by trying to figure out where they fit in. Elsewhere, Nick begins to settle into his new school when he makes a new friend named Andrew. Meanwhile, Missy struggles with starting high school.

In the end, Nick and Andrew’s friendship is left up in the air when Andrew finds out that Nick has made a new friend who’s pretty much a replica of him. Missy’s parents decide to home-school her, and Jessi decides to join the “rebel clique” at school, which can’t be good for her academic future. It’ll be interesting to see how all the characters’ stories wrap up in Big Mouth season 8.

Who could return in the eighth season?

An official cast list has not been revealed yet, but we have an idea of who is likely to return. Obviously, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney would return to voice their respective main characters, Nick and Andrew. They’re also expected to voice some of their other characters.

Other actors expected to come back and voice their characters are Jessi Klein (Jessi), Jason Mantzoukas (Jay), Ayo Edebiri (Missy), Maya Rudolph (Connie the Hormone Monstress), Andrew Rannells (Matthew), and Fred Armisen (Bob the Hormone monster). We can probably expect some new cast members to join the new season as well.

Big Mouth season 8 is coming to Netflix in 2024

When Netflix announced the show’s renewal back in April 2023, the streamer also revealed that it would be returning with its eighth season sometime in 2024. Unfortunately, an exact release date has not been announced yet, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the release year stays the same. Since the show’s start, we’ve seen a new season every year.

Luckily, the writers can get started writing the scripts for the eighth season since the WGA strike has ended. And this is if they haven’t already started. Now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over as well, voice actors will be able to go into the studios and do the voice work once all the scripts are finished. We’ll continue to keep you updated on everything regarding the release date.

While it’s unknown at the moment how many episodes Big Mouth season 8 will be, our guess is that there will be another 10 episodes like the last four seasons. Also, each episode will probably be a little under 30 minutes long. Once we have the total episode count and runtimes, we’ll be sure to share it right away.

Shows like Big Mouth to watch on Netflix

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Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more news and coverage on Big Mouth season 8!

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