Survival of the Thickest season 2 finally renewed at Netflix: Everything to know

Survival of the Thickest. Michelle Buteau as Mavis in Survival of the Thickest. Cr. Vanessa Clifton/Netflix © 2023
Survival of the Thickest. Michelle Buteau as Mavis in Survival of the Thickest. Cr. Vanessa Clifton/Netflix © 2023 /

After the release of Michelle Buteau’s hilarious comedy series Survival of the Thickest on Netflix in July 2023, the streamer had unfortunately not told us whether the show had been canceled or renewed. Even after nabbing NAACP Awards nominations! But Netflix finally delivered the update fans had been waiting for on Feb. 13, 2024. Season 2 is happening!

There’s a good chance the writers and actors’ strikes had a part to play in deciding the show’s future. But since both strikes had come to an end by late 2023, that paved the way for Netflix to announce the renewal. Survival of the Thickest season 2 was confirmed by Netflix, along with the announcement that Buteau would also be releasing her second comedy special on the streamer.

Buteau stars in the series as Mavis Beaumont, a struggling stylist with a struggling personal life to match. She’s newly single and looking to rebuild all aspects of her life in order to thrive, and it’ll take the support of her friends and an unbreakable body-positive attitude to get there.

Survival of the Thickest also stars Tone Bell, Tasha Smith, Christine Horn, and Garcelle Beauvais, who appears in a recurring role. In a year marked with a lot of hits in the drama space on Netflix, the rom-com looks to have become a hit in the same vein as XO, Kitty and That ’90s Show, two comedy series that have also been able to break out from the pack.

Survival of the Thickest season 2 renewal status

As mentioned above, Netflix officially renewed Survival of the Thickest for season 2 with an announcement from Michelle Buteau herself. While Netflix didn't confirm how many episodes will be featured in the second season, the first contained eight episodes that were about 30 minutes each, which will likely be the case for season 2.

Netflix also didn't reveal any release plans for the second season in tandem with the renewal announcement. The new season will likely begin production sometime in spring or summer 2024, which might rule out a 2024 release. The second season would have needed to be wrapped or near wrapping production in order for the episodes to be ready for release by the end of the year. Surely, you never know what could happen. We'll keep fans updated on the production status of Survival of the Thickest season 2.

Release Prediction: Early 2025

Why a season 2 renewal was in the cards

Survival of the Thickest is an A24-produced series, similar to other Netflix shows, Mo and Beef. Mo wasn’t watched by many, but Netflix still renewed it for a second and final season. It should also be noted that Mo aired in August 2022 and didn’t get renewed until January 2023, so the fact that Netflix renewed Survival of the Thickest seven months after its premiere further proves that some renewals take time.

Netflix and A24 appear to be working well together, so that could bode well for the future of Survival of the Thickest beyond season 2. Plus, Netflix is in desperate need of strong, successful comedy shows. Even if this one isn’t super popular, it was critically well-received, which could be helpful to Netflix’s brand.

Additionally, half-hour comedies on Netflix tend to have smaller viewership numbers than dramas, meaning Survival of the Thickest probably won’t bring in numbers equivalent to The Night Agent or Ginny & Georgia. Netflix knows that. Plus, this show is likely much cheaper to produce than some of its other content, making it an easy win.

Without giving away any spoilers, the first season of Survival of the Thickest left the door wide open for a second season. Mavis has an intriguing love triangle throughout the eight-episode season and there’s a decision made in the final scene of season 1. The open-ended season finale will definitely leave fans of the series wanting more from from the story in a second season.

Stay tuned for more Survival of the Thickest news and updates from Netflix Life!

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