Sex Education refresher: Who is Dan?

Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023.
Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023. /

It’s finally back, Sex Education fans! The fourth and final season of the teen series is now streaming on Netflix, and we’re already seeing many questions about it. One question we’re seeing a lot of concerns the Dan character. He appears in the fourth season, but it’s not his first introduction to the series.

Sex Education season 4 takes place about two months after the events of the third season. Otis, Eric, and the other Moordale Secondary students are forced to find a new school to attend after their old school was forced to close. Most students end up attending the very high-tech, progressive Cavendish Sixth Form College, where they have a hard time adjusting. Meanwhile, Maeve enjoys studying at a prestigious college across the pond in America.

And we can’t forget about Jean, who, if you recall from the third season, had a baby. At the end of Sex Education season 3, it’s hinted that Jakob isn’t the father of her baby. Now, in Sex Education season 4, Jean tries her best to juggle her career while being a new mom.

Spoilers from Sex Education season 4 ahead!

Her younger, irresponsible sister Joanna comes to live with her for a while to help take care of baby Joy, but they have a lot they need to work through from their past. However, this doesn’t stop Joanna from having fun and meeting guys. One of the guys she meets is Dan. You might recognize Dan from an earlier season of the teen series but can’t remember who he is. No worries! We shared a little refresher of who Dan is and what part he plays in the fourth season’s plot below.

Who is Dan from Sex Education?

We meet Dan in the first season of the teen series. He was one of Jean’s casual hookups. We’re introduced to him in Sex Education season 1 episode 1, when he accidentally barges into Otis’s room while searching for the restroom. Otis accuses him of having an Oedipus Complex since he has a sexual attraction to women who are like mother figures. It doesn’t help that Dan accidentally refers to Jean as his “mum” two times in the first season.

We don’t meet him again until Sex Education season 3 episode 5, when he runs into Jean and Jakob outside Moordale Hospital. They have a little chat where Dan finds out Jean’s pregnant and immediately assumes he could be the father. But Jakob speaks up and says the baby is his.

The next time we see him is in Sex Education season 4, when he begins dating Joanna. But we find out some surprising news about his connection to Jean.

Is Dan the father of Jean’s baby in Sex Education season 4?

Yes! In Sex Education season 4 episode 6, Jean and Joanna leave the pharmacy when they see Dan. Jean immediately pulls Joanna to the side to hide so that Dan doesn’t notice them. Joanna tells Jean that Dan is the guy she’s been seeing, and then Jean reveals to Joanna that Dan is baby Joy’s father.

So, there you have it, Sex Education fans. We finally know who the father of Jean’s baby is, and it’s quirky Dan.

Sex Education season 4 is streaming now on Netflix.

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