Warrior Nun saved for movie trilogy: Everything we know so far

Warrior Nun. Alba Baptista as Ava Silva in episode 203 of Warrior Nun. Cr. Manolo Pavón/Netflix © 2022
Warrior Nun. Alba Baptista as Ava Silva in episode 203 of Warrior Nun. Cr. Manolo Pavón/Netflix © 2022 /

Warrior Nun returned to Netflix in November 2022 with its second season after an over-two-year break. The fantasy series debuted back in July 2020 and captivated audiences with its addicting plot. The story follows an orphan named Ava Silva (Alba Baptista) who discovers she has supernatural powers and joins a team of powerful nuns who fight off demons.

Warrior Nun season 2 was released on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022, and fans were already asking about a potential third season. We won’t get into spoilers for the ending of the second season, but it definitely has viewers questioning everything. There’s a pretty big plot twist reveal that will change everything for Ava moving forward. And of course, that means we need more of her story to find out what’s next!

Unfortunately, Netflix announced the cancellation of the series one month after its season 2 premiere. But that didn’t stop loyal fans of the series from launching a campaign to help save the series and bring it back for another season. Is Warrior Nun season 3 happening? Here’s what we know!

Is Warrior Nun season 3 happening?

No, but we have good news to share for fans of Warrior Nun! On Aug. 15, 2023, the show’s Executive Producer Dean English took to YouTube to share a special announcement with fans. According to him, the series will be returning, not for an additional season but for a movie trilogy! That’s right — according to English, we’ll be getting three movies to continue telling this story. Watch his video below, which was posted to a website campaigning to save the show:

On June 28, 2023, creator Simon Barry tweeted that Warrior Nun “will return and is going to be more EPIC than you could imagine.” At that time, Barry didn’t elaborate in what form the series would return, whether that would be Warrior Nun season 3 or something else.

According to TV Line, there were talks about whether to revive Warrior Nun for either a shortened final season or a wrap-up movie. No deals had been made at that time, but it was reported that whatever project does come to fruition, it wouldn’t be on Netflix. As the outlet notes, there was no concrete confirmation on where the prospective follow-up would land in the streaming world.

And even now that we’ve heard from the show’s Executive Producer that three Warrior Nun movies are on the way, it hasn’t been confirmed which studio will produce them, which is a little bit strange. We can most likely count Netflix out, but we’re curious to see where the trilogy would be released.

Netflix has not commented on the series being saved or has announced that it has been saved. Barry didn’t mention Netflix’s involvement in his initial tweet, but Netflix has the rights to the first two seasons.

Why did Netflix cancel Warrior Nun?

On Dec. 13, 2022, the streamer officially announced that Warrior Nun was canceled after two seasons. The cancellation came after the second season brought in smaller-than-hoped viewership. Warrior Nun season 2 peaked at #5 on the Netflix top 10 and only spent three weeks on the ranking. Also, the promotion for season 2 left much to be desired, considering the series had been off the air for two years.

Netflix historically analyzes the viewership for new episodes for the first month before making any decisions regarding a show’s future. The streamer takes the completion rate of a season into account as well as the overall viewership numbers. Warrior Nun needed much more of a boost to make it to season 3. Apparently, its luck changed.

In a July 2020 interview with Inverse, Barry talked about the future of the series, saying: “With Warrior Nun, I would give it a window because we’re still so early in the process of developing it. Anything between five and seven seasons would be lovely.”

The first season of Warrior Nun was no doubt popular, but I have to wonder if a big part of that was because it came out during the COVID-19 pandemic. As much as fans wanted and deserved to see the full five to seven-season story, we’re hoping they feel satisfied with a movie trilogy!

Stay tuned for more news and updates on the Warrior Nun movies from us at Netflix Life!

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