Knives Out 3 finally gets an official title (plus Netflix confirms a 2025 release!)

Everything we know about the Knives Out 3: Wake Up Dead Man release, cast, story, and more. Rian Johnson is writing and directing, and Daniel Craig will star in Knives Out 3.
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022). Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022). Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022. /

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, one of the best Netflix movies of all time, premiered in theaters and on Netflix in December 2022, and fans have been anxiously awaiting news on Knives Out 3 ever since the film's release.

We’ve known for some time that a third movie was happening, but we could only refer to the film as Knives Out 3 as Netflix kept us in the dark regarding the official title of the film. Well, that has finally changed as Netflix has confirmed the film’s official title will be Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery

Director Rian Johnson dropped the news via Twitter on May 24 sharing a teaser that revealed the title for the upcoming third film which promises to be Benoit Blanc’s most dangerous case yet — as Blanc himself teased in the teaser which also confirmed his return. Check out the teaser below: 

Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery confirmed for 2025

Not only has Netflix finally given us an official title for the third Knives Out movie, but we now know when the movie will be releasing on the platform — or at least what year the film will be coming our way! 

When confirming the official title for the third film, Netflix announced that that next film in the Knives Out franchise will drop sometime in 2025. 

It’s going to be interesting to see when exactly Netflix drops the film. Glass Onion debuted on Netflix in December 2022 so it’s possible Netflix might look to drop Wake Up Dead Man in the final month of 2025. It’s also possible that they could look to drop the film sometime in the summer as one of their bigger Summer 2025 releases. 

Cast announcements

Ahead of any formal announcement for the second sequel, there was only one person confirmed for Knives Out 3. I think we all know who it is. It’s Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc.

In the first two Knives Out movies, there’s only been one common cast member, and that’s Daniel Craig. We expect that will be the case unless Johnson decides to cast others who have been the first two Knives Out movies.

Following the reveal of the official title and the confirmation of the 2025 release, Netflix began announcing new cast members each day, beginning with Josh O'Connor and Cailee Spaeny. And no, Lindsay Lohan and Tom Hardy won't be in Wake Up Dead Man.

Here's the cast so far, though no character names or details have been revealed:

  • Daniel Crag as Benoit Blanc
  • Josh O'Connor
  • Cailee Spaeny
  • Andrew Scott
  • Kerry Washington
  • Glenn Close
  • Jeremy Renner
  • Mila Kunis
  • Daryl McCormack
  • Josh Brolin
  • Thomas Haden Church

Will Janelle Monáe and Madelyn Cline be in Knives Out 3?

There are two characters who fans really want to see return in Knives Out 3: Janelle Monáe and Madelyn Cline. Monáe starred as Andi and Helen Brand in Glass Onion, and Cline starred as Whiskey in the movie. Unfortunately, neither has been confirmed for Knives Out 3.

Monáe told ET Canada that she would do Knives Out 3, but she didn’t expect Johnson would ask her to return.

"“I would be honoured. But Rian is not going to cast you if you’ve already done ‘Knives Out’ with the exception of Daniel Craig, because he has to be the detective Benoit Blanc that comes in.”"

Jessica Henwick and Cline also told the outlet that they would like to be in Knives Out 3, too. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be in the movie?

I’m sure fans would also want to see some of the cast from the first Knives Out, including Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, and more, in Knives Out 3. Again, it seems like we’ll be getting completely new casts for these movies, but we’ll never say never.

Rian Johnson is writing and directing Knives Out 3

Johnson is writing the script for Knives Out 3. He told Variety in January 2023 that he was starting to work on the story for the third movie. He also revealed it’s going to be very different than Glass Onion, which premiered on Netflix a few weeks before his interview.

"“I’m starting to work on the third movie now, and that’s also what’s got me creatively jazzed: I don’t have to replicate the last movie at all. The goal is to strike out in a completely new direction tonally and thematically.”"

We can’t wait to see what Johnson comes up with for Knives Out 3! Johnson will also direct the movie.

How to watch the Knives Out movies

Knives Out, which is not a Netflix original, is not streaming on Netflix right now. Knives Out is not on any of the major subscription streaming services right now, but you can watch the movie on TNT and TBS with YouTube TV and other Pay-TV services or cable/satellite.

Glass Onion is a Netflix original movie and is available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

When Knives Out 3 is released, we anticipate it will open with a brief theatrical release and then be available to stream on Netflix around the world. We’ll let you know how Netflix plans to distribute the movie.

Has Netflix ordered Knives Out 4?

At the time of publishing, Netflix has not commissioned a fourth Knives Out movie, not publicly anyway. Johnson and Craig told Deadline that they are interested in making more of the Knives Out movies and whodunnits involving Benoit Blanc.

Here’s what Johnson said:

"“Daniel and I have talked a lot about that, how the instant we feel like we’re turning the crank on another one of these, we have to stop. So, it’s very important with each one now, and the third one especially, that it feels kind of scary and dangerous. You have to shake the box.”"

And here’s what Craig said:

"“Down the line, yes, of course. I mean, if people are interested, then we’ll make them. But if there ever came a point where either Rian and I thought we were just churning them out, I think we would back away. I mean, I just don’t think that’s what either of us want to do in life. Unless people are getting genuine fun out of them, forget it.”"

We’ll share more updates about Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery when we find out!

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