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Manifest season 4 part 2 - Netflix shows
MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Peter Kramer/Netflix © 2022 /


Update: Manifest officially came to an end on June 2.

After an amazing first part of Manifest season 4, the sci-fi series will wrap up its story completely when Manifest season 4 part 2 lands on the streamer on Friday, June 2, 2023. We were so happy to find out that Netflix picked up the show for a fourth and final season after Fox decided to pass on another season. Although we would’ve liked Manifest to have more than four seasons, at least it was given a super-sized fourth season of 20 episodes to conclude the series.

After an explosive part 1, we’re expecting the popular sci-fi show to go out with a bang when part 2 drops. Melissa Roxburgh (Michaela Stone), Josh Dallas (Ben Stone), J.R. Ramirez (Jared Vasquez), Luna Blaise (Olive Stone), Parveen Kaur (Saanvi Bahl), Matt Long (Zeke Landon), Holly Taylor (Angelina Meyer) and Daryl Edwards (Robert Vance) are all confirmed to be returning in Manifest season 4 part 2.

Additionally, Ellen Tamaki (Drea Mikami), Jared Grimes (Adrian Shannon), Garrett Wareing (TJ Morrison), Ali Lopez-Sohaili (Eagan Tehrani), Brianna Riccio and Gianna Riccio (Eden Stone), and
Mahira Kakkar (Aria Gupta) are expected to return.

Here’s the official synopsis via Netflix:

"In the aftermath of Angelina unleashing a devastating volcanic fissure, the passengers face severe scrutiny in a world fueled by 828er hate, no longer free to solve their own Callings without constant supervision by the unscrupulous 828 Registry. A mysterious accident delivers ominous warnings on a biblical scale that will further jeopardize the livelihood of all the passengers. As Michaela grieves the loss of her beloved husband Zeke, she must team up with her old flame Jared to find new methods to investigate Callings. Meanwhile, Ben and Saanvi attempt to collaborate with the Registry authorities, which only leads to dire results for the passengers. Miraculously, a mythological event reactivates Cal’s sapphire-laden dragon scar, offering a glimmer of hope for the 828ers to survive the rapidly approaching Death Date. But Angelina’s nefarious sapphire powers continue to wreak havoc, leading to a struggle between good and evil down to their very last day in this most terrifying, suspenseful and joyous chapter of the Manifest story."

It’s not going to be easy to say goodbye to all of our favorite characters, but all good things must eventually come to an end. Manifest season 4 part 2 lands on Netflix on June 2. Make sure to save the date!