Insecure ending explained: Do Issa and Lawrence end up together? (spoilers)

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As of July 2023, all five seasons of Issa Rae’s HBO comedy series Insecure have started streaming on Netflix. There are more HBO shows coming to the streaming service, but viewers new and old have already started binge-watching the hilarious rom-com series.

Rae stars in the series (that she also co-created, executive produced, and wrote many episodes of) as Issa Dee, a woman in Los Angeles simply trying to figure out all aspects of life, from career to love to friendship. She doesn’t often get it right, but the laughs comes along in the process.

After five seasons and 44 episodes, Insecure came to an end in December 2021 and tied up all the loose ends from the series. Many characters prepared for the next phases of their lives, including Issa. So, does she finally end up with Lawrence at the end of the series?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead from the Insecure series finale!

How does Insecure end?

The series finale wraps up the show by celebrating each of the characters’ birthdays. With each gathering, the group faces changes and hurtles as they settle into new and challenging chapters of their lives. While in Denver for Tiffany’s birthday, Molly receives bad news about her mother. During her birthday dinner, Kelli announces that she’s pregnant.

On Molly’s next birthday, she’s struggling with her mother’s passing while wondering what Taurean has planned as a surprise. One year later, Molly and Taurean get married. Following the reception, Issa helps Molly out of her dress and their share a tearful celebration of their best friendship and everything they have been through and will go through together.

In the last scene of the series, Issa and Molly talk on the phone while Issa’s getting ready in the bathroom mirror. When Issa walks away from the mirror and leaves the room, her reflection alter ego doesn’t stay behind, suggesting she no longer needs it.

Do Issa and Lawrence end up together in Insecure?

Yes, Issa and Lawrence end up together at the end of Insecure, The pair started the series together, but ended up on separate paths as they attempted to get their lives in order on their own. Along the way, they found themselves on each other’s paths in conflicting, sometimes fated ways. Here’s how they get back together in the final episode of the series.

After Issa and Nathan break up because he overheard Lawrence trying to get her back, she and Lawrence share an awkward phone call on his birthday and make plans to meet up for dinner. However, for Kelli’s birthday dinner, she brings a new love interest, Nasir. A while later, Lawrence visits Issa at her new workspace and they finally kiss, open to finding out if they can make it work again.

In the one-year flash forward after Molly’s wedding, Issa’s work with The Blocc is successful. She passes The Dunes, We Got Y’all, and other memorable landmarks from her journey on the way home to celebrate her birthday with her family — Lawrence and Jah. Issa wears a ring on her engagement finger, implying that she and Lawrence will be getting married.

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