Is The Dunes apartments from Insecure a real complex?

Insecure on HBO, photo courtesy HBO
Insecure on HBO, photo courtesy HBO /

Ah, The Dunes! The very same apartment complex where we witnessed the rise and fall of a long-term relationship, the much-needed girl-talks, the chill house parties, and, most importantly, the soul-searching journey of Insecure‘s messy but kind-hearted protagonist, Issa Dee.

Whether you’re watching the HBO original series for the first-time via Netflix or are simply giving your favorite comedy a rewatch once more, that apartment complex is one that you know and love. And with this location being one that you’ll revisit time and time again, you’re probably wondering if the creators of Insecure took the time to build The Dunes from scratch or if this apartment complex actually exists in California. Fortunately for you, we have the answers to your burning questions below.

Here’s everything there is to know about The Dunes!

Is The Dunes a real apartment complex in California?

Whenever you visit California, make it a point to visit The Dunes because this apartment complex is, indeed, a legitimate place in Inglewood, California.

According to the New York Post, the complex is a two-story, 52 unit establishment that was officially built in 1961. Rent is currently between $1,345 to $1,745 a month. However, units are limited, as the location has become exceedingly popular over the past couple of years.

It’s also important to note that you cannot rent out Issa Dee’s particular apartment just yet. We don’t know why this is, but we assume it’s because the show still has some rights to the location. It’s best to hold on for a little longer to know whether the unit will ever become available! (You’ll be in competition with thousands of renters though!)

Insecure’s best filming locations

Issa Rae, the talented African-American actress who plays Issa Dee, loves to provide exposure for local California hotspots, which is why, in addition to The Dunes, you’ll find that there are tons of other places that exist both in the show and in real life.

Here are a few Insecure locations we think you should definitely check out when you get the chance (as per the Los Angeles Times and Travel Noire):

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