Heartstopper season 2 release: When could season 2 arrive on Netflix?

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We’ve got some major news for Heartstopper fans. The streaming giant announced on Thursday that production on Heartstopper season 2 has officially kicked off! This means we could be reunited with Charlie, Nick, and their friends, pretty soon!

Heartstopper made its debut on Netflix in late April 2022 and was an instant hit. The teen drama follows boys Charlie and Nick, portrayed by Joe Locke and Kit Connor respectively, who discover their “unlikely friendship might be something more” as they navigate school and young love.

Netflix quickly renewed the wholesome LGBTQ+ teen drama for seasons 2 (and 3!), following the first season’s major success and glowing critic acclaim, and unsurprisingly fans of the show have eagerly waited for any news on the release and production of the upcoming sequel.

Well, here’s everything we know about the upcoming release, including when we could possibly see Heartstopper season 2 on Netflix.

When could Heartstopper season 2 arrive on Netflix?

First thing, let’s get some casting news out the way! According to Digital Spy, season 2 of Hearstopper will have some newcomers! Leila Khan is set to portray Higgs pupil Sahar Zahid, Jack Barton will be Nick Nelson’s big brother David, and Nima Taleghani will be portraying Truman teacher, Mr. Farouk. All the other main cast are set to reprise their roles, with Bradley Riches also being upgraded from season 1 background actor to Truman student James McEwan.

Now on to release news! Netflix may have announced that Heartstopper season 2 has begun filming, but they have yet to reveal when the smash-hit series will be returning to our screens. There is no official release date, but plenty of rumors and predictions. Which we urge you to take with a grain of salt.

There have been plenty of suggestions that the series could see a return in April 2023, should Netflix choose to use a similar release schedule to season 1. This will mark a year since the show originally debuted on Netflix, making it the perfect guess for season 2 release.

As of right now, we think spring 2023 is a reasonable prediction for Heartstopper season 2. Check back with us for more updates!

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