First Kill ending explained and spoilers: Breaking down all the biggest twists in the vampire series

First Kill. (L to R) Imani Lewis as Calliope, Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette in episode 101 of First Kill. Cr. Brian Douglas/Netflix © 2022
First Kill. (L to R) Imani Lewis as Calliope, Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette in episode 101 of First Kill. Cr. Brian Douglas/Netflix © 2022 /

A new sapphic vampire series titled First Kill is finally streaming on Netflix and so much happened in the last few moments of the season. The eight-episode first season introduced viewers to a young vampire and monster slayer (Juliette and Calliope) who finds themselves falling in love even though they’re forbidden to be together. Throughout the season, we see the unlikely pair’s love story play out, and it’s not surprising that they experience several ups and downs along the way.

Rising actors Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hook play the roles of Calliope and Juliette, respectively. The casting was truly spot on and the acting was very believable. We couldn’t help but root for Calliope and Juliette to end up together regardless of their distinct differences and backgrounds.

Whether you need a recap or just need some clarification on what happened at the end of season 1, continue reading because we’ll be your guide!

WARNING: Major spoilers for First Kill below!

First Kill ending

After Apollo accidentally stabs Theo in the Wooden Stake bar restroom, Elinor uses her memory reset power to erase his memory. Then we cut to Calliope calling Theo to warn him about the police being after their family, but Apollo picks up the phone to tell her that something happened to Theo. Calliope and Juliette arrive at the Wooden Stake bar and find out that Theo has been hurt. Apollo tells Calliope that he doesn’t remember what happened, and they share a hug before being advised by Juliette to leave the bar because the police are after Calliope. Calliope and Apollo go, but Juliette stays behind to clean up the mess in the restroom. Juliette later finds Elinor’s lipstick outside the bar, and she realizes that Elinor is responsible for Theo’s death.

Believing that Theo is dead, Calliope and Apollo are shocked to walk through the door of their house to find Theo sitting at the dinner table. They aren’t sure how Theo is alive, but they know something is up. Suddenly, Theo starts to feel ill and leaves the dinner table to go upstairs. As he looks in the mirror, he opens his mouth and his new fangs show. Theo has been turned into a vampire by someone.

Later, Juliette confronts Elinor about Theo’s death, and the argument ends with Juliette telling Elinor that she’s done with her and them getting in a little tussle. Now that Juliette is done with Elinor, she’s all on board to set her up. Juliette gives Oliver the key to Elinor’s storage, and Oliver tips off the police about what Elinor has in the storage. The police raid the storage and find all the driver’s licenses of Elinor’s victims. They then arrest Elinor at her house.

Elsewhere, the Burns household find out that Theo has been turned into a vampire. They bring him down to the basement and strap him up to a chair to prevent him from breaking free. Jack wants to kill Theo, but Talia doesn’t allow it to happen. Then, we cut to Oliver meeting with Elinor in jail. He tells her that Margot and Sebastian will not bail her out. Back at the Fairmont household, Margot and Sebastian receive a letter from the Legacy Council requesting Margot’s presence in front of the Council Court in two days. But Davina will also have to attend, which is impossible since she’s dead.

Later, Theo breaks free from the straps and runs outside the house. Apollo and Theo engage in a fight as Juliette arrives. Juliette tries to stop them from fighting by telling the truth. She reveals that she’s the one who turned Theo. But, unknown to Juliette, Calliope is standing near and hearing everything.

Calliope and Juliette have an emotional conversation that ends with Calliope telling Juliette to stay away from her. She also tells Juliette that she will spend the rest of her life trying to figure out how to kill her and all Legacy vampires. Back in the Burns house, Talia sets Theo free and takes him to Oliver’s house. She leaves Theo in Oliver’s care, not knowing that Oliver has an ulterior motive for helping her out.

First Kill ending: What is Oliver’s real reason for being in Savannah?

When we’re first introduced to Oliver, we find out he’s been estranged from the rest of the Fairmont family for many years. He was sent far away to Prague and has come back to Savannah to exact revenge and run the city. In order to accomplish his goal, he gets help from a witch named Carmen and other monsters. At the end of the last episode, Oliver recruits Theo. However, it’s unclear if Theo agrees to help since it cuts to the credit scene.

First Kill ending: Do Cal and Juliette end up together?

Unfortunately, Cal and Juliette do not end up together at the end of the season. The unlikely pair managed to stay strong regardless of the many challenges and pushback from family, but once Juliette turned Theo into a vampire, Cal wanted nothing to do with her. The conversation ends with Cal telling Juliette to stay away.

First Kill ending: Why does Juliette turn Theo into a vampire?

Juliette did not turn Theo into a vampire on purpose. When Juliette returns to the bathroom stall in the Wooden Stake bar, Theo requests her help. Juliette tries to drain him so he can die with dignity, but she accidentally turns him. This is a rookie mistake that was expected from a baby Legacy vampire such as Juliette.

Who was Juliette’s first kill?

Juliette’s first kill was supposed to be Calliope, but she refused to harm her. Instead, Juliette’s first kill was Clayton Cook. After Clayton attacks Ben on the night of Juliette’s consecration ceremony, Juliette fights Clayton and knocks him down before she sinks her fangs into his neck. She drains him of all his blood which ultimately kills him.

Who was Cal’s first kill?

Cal’s first kill was supposed to be Juliette, but Juliette didn’t die after being staked by her at Noah’s party. Since Juliette is a Legacy vampire, she can’t die by a stake to the chest. Cal’s actual first kill ends up being Ashley Stanton.

Who dies in First Kill?

We shared a list of all the characters who died in the first season below:

  • Ashley – Ashley dies after Oliver bashes her head in and excises her liver at Noah’s party. She later returns as a zombie and is killed by Calliope with her head getting sliced off with an ax.
  • Noah – Noah is murdered by zombie Ashley at school. She knocks him to the ground and then tears out his spine from his body.
  • Davina – Davina gets eaten by Sebastian after she tries to force Elinor to get married to Tom Davenport.
  • Clayton Cook – Clayton gets killed by Juliette. She drains him of all his blood.
  • Sara and Mike Franklin – Oliver and Elinor kill Sara and Mike during the monster hunters’ raid on the Fairmonts. They stab them with a Guild spear and place them together on a tree.
  • Theo – Apollo accidentally kills Theo by stabbing him with a stake. Later, Juliette turns Theo into a vampire.

How was Theo’s mom killed?

Theo’s mom was killed by an unknown Legacy vampire when Theo was a young boy. As Theo and his mother were leaving the park, a woman walked past them and nodded her head in greeting. Suddenly, the woman approaches Theo’s mom and bites her. She drains all of her blood and Theo is left to watch.

What is the Emerald Malkia in First Kill?

The Emerald Malkia is the queen mother serpent from which all Legacy vampires draw strength. The Atwoods have had the Emerald Malkia in their possession for thousands of years, and Davina had been the Keeper before Sebastian ate her. The Keeper is the person who gets to guard the Emerald Malkia. Although no one knows Davina is dead, Margot would be considered the new Keeper and Elinor is the second Keeper in waiting.

The Emerald Malkia is typically used at Legacy consecration ceremonies. During the ceremony, the Emerald Malkia will be released from its chest and will bite and release its venom into a young Legacy vampire if they’ve committed their first kill. If not, the serpent will reject the person. Naturally, this will cause an uproar in the Legacy community, and everyone will try to gain control of the Emerald Malkia.

Why was Oliver sent away in First Kill?

Oliver was sent away to Prague because Margot and Sebastian were scared that his dark ways would threaten their coveted life in Savannah. However, Oliver was actually manipulated by his sociopathic twin sister Elinor to kill the people he did when he was younger.

What happens to Cal after Juliette bites her?

Once Juliette bit Cal, her venom entered Cal’s bloodstream, creating a psychic bond between them. They can feel each other’s emotions and appear in each other’s dreams. After Talia and Jack find out about Cal and Juliette’s bond, they immediately suggest a severing. They hoped the severing would break the link between Cal and Juliette. In the end, the severing doesn’t work and Cal and Juliette are still bonded.

What does Sebastian get turned into?

After Sebastian gets stabbed by Jack during the monster hunters’ raid, he’s on his death bed. Elinor speaks with Davina to ask for her help in saving Sebastian. Davina agrees to help in exchange for Elinor marrying one of the Davenport sons. They reach an agreement and Davina uses the Emerald Malkia to turn Sebastian into a full Legacy vampire. However, it seems that Sebastian gets turned into more than just a Legacy vampire. According to Oliver, he becomes a ghoul. This makes sense since Sebastian completely devours Davina.

Do Apollo and Elinor get together in First Kill?

Yes, they hook up in the Wooden Stake bar restroom in the seventh episode. Anyone could’ve seen this pairing coming after they flirted earlier on in the season. However, they don’t get to make out for long because Theo busts into the restroom. After what happens to Theo in this scene, we doubt we’ll see Apollo and Elinor hook up again in the future.

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