14 best animated shows on Netflix right now

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix, courtesy Netflix.
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix, courtesy Netflix. /
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Best animated shows on Netflix: Tuca & Bertie

Netflix actually canceled Tuca & Bertie after just one season despite its critical acclaim and I’m still bitter about that decision. Thankfully, Tuca & Bertie lives on at Adult Swim and its second season was just as good as the first, if not better. The show will also return this summer for a third season. But the first season is still streaming on Netflix as an original series so I felt it was worth adding to this list. Plus, the more people who discover Tuca & Bertie, the better.

Coming from the same creative team that brought us BoJack Horseman (Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Lisa Hanawalt), Tuca & Bertie is Hanawalt’s baby with Bob-Waksberg serving as producer. While Bob-Waksberg created BoJack, Hanawalt served as that show’s series production designer and producer, so they’ve sort of swapped roles for this show. The two series share a similar vibe with some describing Tuca & Bertie as BoJack‘s spiritual successor, but Tuca & Bertie has really found its own vibe.

The shows share an art style and both are mostly populated with anthropomorphic animal characters (Tuca & Bertie doesn’t seem to have humans like BoJack did, well, there are but they’re very few and far between and none are main characters like on BoJack, at least not yet), but Tuca & Bertie is really about female friendship.

Women are at the center of the series and the show offers a lot of nuance into female friendships and specific anxieties that many women experience. In fact, Tuca & Bertie offers one of the best depictions of anxiety I’ve ever seen on television. It’s an animated comedy unlike any we’ve seen and it’s bursting at the seams with whimsy and creativity. I hope the show gets to continue for many more seasons.