5 most hated characters from Arcane ranked


Arcane, to its core, is the story of two sisters, Vi and Jinx. Based on Riot Games’s League of Legends, Arcane reveals the sisters’s traumatic childhoods, their forced separation from one another, and the rollout of their paradoxical journeys apart. It is a riveting tale that has captured the hearts of both League of Legend players and non-players alike.

The disparities between the utopian “City of Progress,” Piltover, and the dystopian Undercity now called Zaun, thickens with growing tensions, subsequent to corrupt cops, exploitation of the poor and a deep resentment between the two sides.

Through incredible storytelling and character development, Arcane also delves into mental health issues caused by socioeconomic status, environment and trauma.

Most hated Arcane characters

Filled with detailed lore and complex dynamics, Arcane has a variety of characters we love and hate. So, without further ado, here are the five most hated characters in Arcane.

5. Sevika

Sevika is Silco’s second-in-command, the mechanically-modified and shimmer-enhanced secondary antagonist in Arcane. Fans have mixed feelings on her, but due to her treatment and eagerness to get rid of a fan-favorite character, Jinx, the opinions lean more negatively. She, for the most part, lacks compassion and tenderness, and her goals align with the killing of many innocents for a larger picture.

4. Ambessa

Ambessa Medarda is Mel’s mother. She is a warlord from Noxus with self-serving ambitions. As she was exposed to death at a very young age, this shaped her mentality. She is a product of her early childhood’s environment. Because of this, she intended to shape Mel to be a tough leader who understands war is a necessary principle to progress. Her adamancy for war and nonchalance towards death and merciless killings caused her two children, Kino and Mel, to prefer the ways of diplomacy, which she did not agree with.

She disowned and sent Mel away because of this simple fact.

"“Because you weakened me! I couldn’t endure the look in your eyes whenever I made the decisions – the necessary decisions to keep us safe!” – Ambessa to Mel in Arcane Season 1, Episode 9: ‘The Monster You Created’."

3. Mel

Mel Medarda is an aristocrat politician, and a very influential council member in Piltover. She advocates that war is not the solution to progress, and was thus disowned by her Noxian mother and the Medarda clan, like her brother Kino.

"“Kino said War is a failure of statecraft.” – Mel to Ambessa in Arcane Season 1, Episode 8: ‘Oil and Water’."

She, despite judging her mother for being the same, has self-serving ambitions in which she uses Jayce as a vessel for personal gain. Fans adore her character design, as evident by the awards Arcane was nominated and won for Mel’s design in particular. However, her selfishness and manipulation of Jayce is what makes some fans strongly dislike her. In her desperate attempts to be different to her mother, she falls short as she too uses any means necessary to achieve what she wants.

2. Jayce

Jayce Tails is now Head of the Council of Piltover. As a young boy who experienced life-saving magic, he grew to become an advanced scientist and innovator, who was almost banished by Piltover for his “dangerous” experiments. So, he is an effective contributor to his society, right? Why is he so hated? Simple answer is, Jayce has done many things that ruin his likability. His mother saved him from being banished, and rather than thanking her, he stormed off from her and treated her harshly. Jayce also showed his true prejudice for the Undercity when he scolds his science partner, Viktor, for going there to meet a friend for help. He did not even listen to Viktor’s reason, which portrays a sense of neglect.

"“Well, you didn’t say they were from the Undercity! … They’re dangerous.” – Jayce to Viktor in Arcane, Season 1, Episode 7: ‘The Boy Savior.’"

Viktor quickly responds that he is from the Undercity, to which Jayce quickly apologizes. This scene displayed that Jayce does not truly see Viktor as an equal. This creates more hatred towards Jayce as Viktor is the one who saved him from his contemplation of suicide — intervening at just the right moment before he jumped off his old workshop’s building.

1. Marcus

Here is our most hated character in Arcane. Marcus was a bigoted, fervent supporter in Piltover’s supremacy particularly over the Undercity, Zaun. He was an abusive and corrupt cop who neglected his duty as he succumbed to the temptation of his vices — that being making a name for himself and earning money. If we look a little deeper into the butterfly effect portrayed in Arcane, it is through Marcus’s entanglement with Zaun’s crime lord, Silco, that caused Jinx to believe Vi left her without the intention of return. By capturing Vi, he dealt a great deal of trauma by separating the two sisters; and thus has played a hand in the creation of chaos-loving, destruction-causing zaunite criminal, Jinx.

Marcus and Jayce’s hatred, prejudice and overall negative attitude towards the Undercity pave way for the likability of one the most favored characters in Arcane, Caitlyn. She too is born and raised in Piltover, however shows the compassion, tenderness and trust that is lacking from the officials in Piltover. Stay tuned for the five fan-favorite characters of Arcane.

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