Is Netflix’s Clark based on a true story?

Clark Production StillImage Courtest Netflix
Clark Production StillImage Courtest Netflix /

Clark is a true crime drama based on the controversial life of notorious Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson. He spent most of his life in jail for repeating offenses, however enraptured the hearts of many women in particular through the media.

Despite his repeated delinquent actions, his looks, personality and anarchic wits made him a class act desirable for many.

Clark released on Thursday, May 5 on Netflix. There are six episodes, each one estimated to be between 50-60 minutes long. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund and starring Bill Skarsgård as Clark, we can expect a true and clear representation of criminal history and Swedish culture with this release.

Is Clark based on a true story?

Indeed it is! Clark is based on Clark Olofsson’s autobiography.

Perhaps the very reason it has become a Netflix limited miniseries is because Clark’s story is extremely complex and unique, and is the beginning of what is now known to be “Stockholm Syndrome.”

From petty theft of fruit and vegetables to assaulting officers, Olofsson has had a life in constant complication with the law.  In August 1966, Olofsson was sentenced to eight years in prison for attempted murder. This is where he became friends with Jan-Erik Olsson.

The first chance Jan-Erik Olsson was let out from prison in 1973, he robbed a bank in Stockholm and took four employees hostage. He demanded the release of his good friend, Clark Olofsson, which was granted, and joined Olsson in the bank with the hostages. The literal partners-in-crime threatened the hostages repeatedly, yet despite the intimidation and sense of life and death in the five days they were held, the hostages liked them.

How is it possible to like the people threatening your life?

Well, apparently, the hostages bonded with each other. In fact, Clark Olofsson is still friends with one of the hostages today, Kristen Enmark. This robbery and hostage scenario caused the uprising notoriety of their status and the term “Stockholm Syndrome.”

He is a prime example of how strong and influential the media is, especially with the idealization and romanticization of criminals. We’ve seen it before with Ted Bundy — glorifying a criminal because of their other attributes.

You can watch the trailer for Clark in the video below!

Clark is now streaming on Netflix.

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You can watch all six episodes of Clark on Netflix tonight, 5th of May, 2022.