Manifest creator teases emotional season 4 graveyard scene (Who’s in the casket?)

MANIFEST -- "Deadhead" Episode 302 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Matt Long as Zeke Landon -- (Photo by: NBC)
MANIFEST -- "Deadhead" Episode 302 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Matt Long as Zeke Landon -- (Photo by: NBC) /

We might not yet know when exactly Manifest will take flight on Netflix, but it’s clear the Manifest creative team is doing everything they can to make the wait worth it!

After Netflix stepped in to save the day and order a fourth season, the cast and crew have been hard at work on the new season. Production on season 4 is currently underway with filming taking place in New York once again as the team works to bring Manifesters the first new episodes in the show’s massive 20-episode order.

While there are a lot of questions heading into the new season, the cast and crew have been quite giving in sharing behind-the-scenes updates with the fans. Although many of these teases haven’t offered too much context or any major spoilers, the latest behind-the-scenes set photo from creator Jeff Rake has left the Manifesters reeling!

Warning: Manifest season 3 spoilers ahead

Does someone die in Manifest season 4?

Leave it to Jeff Rake to stir the pot and leave Manifesters quaking in their boots! The man behind our favorite obsession recently took to Twitter where he dropped a major bombshell on fans with the tease of a graveyard set scene.

In the photo, fans can see several familiar faces somberly standing together at a graveyard, tearfully looking at a closed casket before them. Sharing the photo, Rake warned fans to “brace yourselves” clearly hinting that an emotional farewell will be coming sometime in Manifest season 4.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, clearly someone is going to die in the upcoming fourth season of Manifest which creates a massive mystery surrounding whose time could be coming to an end.

Who is going to die in Manifest season 4?

Unless Rake’s set photo from the funeral scene is a red herring, it appears someone’s story will be coming to an end in the early part of season 4. As for who exactly might die in Manifest season 4, there are a lot of possibilities but it’s not yet been confirmed who exactly is in the casket.

Given their presence at the graveyard as guests of the funeral, we know Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), Jared (J.R. Ramirez), Vance (Daryl Edwards) and Drea (Ellen Tamaki) aren’t in the casket. It’s possible something could happen to one of these characters later in the season, but we know they’re alive and well up to whenever this funeral will take place.

Of course, the burning theory is that Grace (Athena Karkanis) might be the character in the casket given the grave situation she was brutally stabbed in the season 3 finale and presumed dead by many. However, if that were the case we have a feeling we’d see characters such as Ben (Josh Dallas) and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) front and center.

Speaking of Ben and Michaela, neither appear in the graveyard photo but we have a feeling neither will be dying in season 4 — and the same goes for Zeke (Matt Long). Sure Zeke isn’t pictured, but again one would expect Michaela to be front and center and not the characters featured.

While it’s possible a main character could die, we have to question whether the teased funeral could be for a secondary or minor character — after all, why spoil a major death this far in advance? The only thing we do know is someone’s living on borrowed time and we’re in for quite an emotional moment when season 4 arrives!

Manifest seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Netflix

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