Too Hot to Handle Beaux Raymond age, Instagram, TikTok, height, job

Too Hot to Handle season 3 star Beaux Raymond - Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Too Hot to Handle season 3 star Beaux Raymond - Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who binge-watched Too Hot to Handle season 3 in one day!

Who could resist? The brand new season gave us plenty of amazing new contestants that were either super hard to not root for or super hard to look away from, and serving as both is none other than Beaux Raymond, our blonde United Kingdom native who’s always the life of the party.

Want to become a part of Beaux’s growing fanbase? Then read on to learn all about her age, Instagram, TikTok, and so much more.

Beaux Raymond age

Beaux Raymond is 24 years old and comes from London, UK.

Beaux Raymond Instagram

She’s quite the looker and she certainly proves she knows it as her Instagram is decorated with gorgeous photos of her including this one down below.

Beaux currently has about 49,600 followers and that number has been steadily rising ever since her debut on the Netflix reality series.

Beaux Raymond TikTok

She may not post much on her TikTok, but her 450 followers are still most certainly enjoying her content of dog walks, traveling, and Manchester weekends.

Be sure to show her some love on both her TikTok and Instagram by clicking that follow button!

Beaux Raymond height

Beaux has blonde hair, light brown eyes, and according to CelebsWeek, stands at about 5-feet-4-inches.

Beaux Raymond job

As stated in the show, Beaux works as a legal secretary in London, but when she’s not sifting through torts and contracts, she’s fiercely modeling in front of the camera, making her yet another brain and beauty just like her co-star Jaz Holloway.

If you want to see more of Beaux Raymond, then be sure to catch this gorgeous lady in Too Hot to Handle season 3 streaming right now only on Netflix.

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