Too Hot to Handle season 3 finale date, time, couples list, winners, and more

DYR_9237.CR3 Too Hot to Handle season 3 cast Image courtesy Netflix
DYR_9237.CR3 Too Hot to Handle season 3 cast Image courtesy Netflix /

A brand new season of Too Hot to Handle landed on Netflix on Jan. 19, and of course, it’s the show everyone can’t stop talking about. Too Hot to Handle season 3 brings a new group of hot singles to a beautiful villa in Turks and Caicos. The contestants must restrain from engaging in sexual activity and instead form deeper connections. And there’s a $200,000 prize fund if they can successfully complete the process.

If you’ve begun watching the new season, you’d know that the contestants this season aren’t doing any better than prior seasons. The sex-obsessed singles just can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, and Lana has no problem deducting money from the prize fund for their actions.

For the people reaching the end of Too Hot to Handle season 3, you probably have some questions regarding the finale date, time, couples list, winners, and more. We have the answers to all of your questions right below!

WARNING: Major spoilers from Too Hot to Handle season 3 ahead!

When is the Too Hot to Handle season 3 finale?

We have great news to share with you! All ten episodes of season 3 are available to stream on Netflix. Unlike season 2, season 3 was released in its entirety on Jan. 19. So continue on with your binge session.

What time is the Too Hot to Handle season 3 finale?

As we mentioned earlier, all episodes of season 3 are currently streaming on Netflix, including the finale episode. So you don’t have to worry about the release time.

When is the Too Hot to Handle season 3 reunion?

There have been no announcements on whether or not there will be a reunion episode. However, there will most likely be a reunion episode for Too Hot to Handle season 3. It might be a virtual reunion like season 2, or it might be in person. It’ll probably be virtual since the pandemic is still ongoing.

The season 2 reunion was released on one of Netflix’s many YouTube accounts called “Still Watching Netflix” with host Chloe Veitch. So the season 3 reunion episode will probably be released on the same YouTube channel. We’ll share the reunion episode as soon as it’s released.

Too Hot to Handle season 3 couples list

When there are 10 hot singles in one villa living together, there’s bound to be an attraction. There were short makeout sessions, and one couple even slept together, which cost the contestants a whopping $36,000 and put their prize fund at $0. But there are only two confirmed couples who left the villa hand in hand in the final episode.

We list the two couples below:

  • Holly and Nathan
  • Harry and Beaux

We’re not sure if Izzy and Jackson end up together because there were no scenes discussing their future together. However, there is a possibility that they could be seeing each other outside of the villa since there was definitely a sexual attraction.

Too Hot to Handle season 3 finalists

In the final episode of season 3, Lana picks three finalists who will compete for the $90,000 prize fund. She based her choices on contestants who showed the most personal growth and emotional maturity.

But, there was a new twist! Instead of picking three individuals, Lana lets a couple take one of the finalist’s spots. The finalists were Georgia, Nathan, and Harry and Beaux. In my opinion, only Georgia and Harry and Beaux were deserving of being finalists. Nathan still needed some self-improvement.

Too Hot to Handle season 3 winners

Drum roll, please! The winners of Too Hot to Handle season 3 are Harry and Beaux! Harry and Beaux both individually showed personal growth and were able to fight their physical urges. Well, Harry struggled somewhat and cost the group some money for indulging in self-gratification. But, overall, he made a meaningful connection with Beaux. Harry and Beaux worked through their commitment issues and left the villa as boyfriend and girlfriend. I wonder how their relationship is going now.

The hit Netflix original series has done it again! The stakes were higher, and the prize fund was doubled. It was definitely entertaining to watch, and we hope this isn’t the last we see of the reality series.

Did you enjoy watching Too Hot to Handle season 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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