Too Hot to Handle Jaz Holloway age, Instagram, TikTok, height, job

Too Hot to Handle season 3 star Jaz Holloway - Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Too Hot to Handle season 3 star Jaz Holloway - Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

Too Hot to Handle season 3 is finally here and this new season is everything we could have ever asked for as we have brand new stakes, brand new competitions, and, most importantly, brand new attractive islanders who are incredibly amusing.

Jaz Holloway is one of the many contestants who is sure to be amongst your favorites, so you absolutely have to know everything there is to know about her. We, of course, got you covered as we tell you Jaz’s age, Instagram, TikTok, and much more down below.

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Jaz Holloway age

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Jaz Holloway was born in September 1996 and is 25 years old.

Jaz Holloway Instagram

If her contagious smile wasn’t enough to make you a big fan of her, then this stunning photo of Jaz is sure to do the trick. Check out this magazine-worthy photo pulled from the reality star’s Instagram, here.

With over 11,000 followers on her Instagram and another 1,200 on her Twitter, Jazz surely has secured her spot as a fan favorite. Help those numbers double for this Too to Handle season 3 contestant by giving her a follow as soon as possible.

Jaz Holloway TikTok

Of course, you can expect this gorgeous girl to have a TikTok full of videos where she looks absolutely bomb. Her 3,500 followers are always in for a nice treat as she gives them loads of content where she promotes her business, her beauty, and her time on the Netflix reality series.

Don’t miss out on any more content from Jaz! Give her a follow on TikTok, today.

Jaz Holloway height

Jaz has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and, as stated in the series, she stands at 5-feet-9 inches.

Jaz Holloway job

As mentioned previously, Jaz currently works as an entrepreneur. Under her belt is her clothing brand Private Goods as well as her cosmetics company 111 Beauty which seems to be doing pretty well leaving us quite impressed.

Jaz Holloway has beauty and brains which should give you all the more reason to catch her in brand new episodes of Too Hot to Handle season 3 streaming right now only on Netflix.

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