Virgin River season 4 video reveals major spoiler about Hope’s fate

VIRGIN RIVER - Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea of VIRGIN RIVER - NETFLIX (c) 2020
VIRGIN RIVER - Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea of VIRGIN RIVER - NETFLIX (c) 2020 /

Virgin River season 4 is one of the most highly anticipated new releases, and it’s sure to be one of the best Netflix shows coming in 2022.

When Virgin River season 3 came out in July 2021, the romantic drama series became one of the biggest Netflix original series of the year with its growing fanbase bringing in some of the most impressive numbers of 2021.

Thankfully, Netflix quickly announced the double renewal of Virgin River season 4 AND Virgin River season 5. This means fans will finally have answers to all of their burning questions, including who shot Jack and will Hope survive in season 4?

Virgin River season 4 recently wrapped filming in Canada, and a video released on the official Virgin River Instagram account revealed a MAJOR spoiler about a certain character we’re all wondering about.

Is Hope alive in Virgin River season 4?

It seems as though the well-intentioned but meddlesome mayor of Virgin River will be back in season 4! The video posted on Instagram captioned, “Hope and the ladies… It’s a wrap for all on S4!,” shows a glimpse of Annette O’Toole back in town as Hope.

We had previously heard rumors that O’Toole would return to Virgin River for season 4 after being absent for most of season 3 due to the pandemic, apart from a few remote appearances on video calls. In the season finale, Hope gets into a car accident and remains in a coma.

Even though the cliffhanger has been effectively squashed (we don’t mind!), it’s great to see Annette O’Toole back on set with her fellow cast members at Jack’s bar.

Virgin River season 4 release date predictions

Here’s what we all want to know: When will Virgin River season 4 come out? Netflix hasn’t yet confirmed an official release date for the new season, but now that the new episodes have finished filming, we could be seeing season 4 sooner than later.

Virgin River typically came out on Netflix at the end of the calendar year, until season 3 claimed a summer release in 2021. Right now, we could see season 4 hit Netflix again sometime in the summer or sometime in late spring. Keep an eye out for Virgin River in 2022.

Are you excited to see hope back on Virgin River next season?

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