Who is in the Britney Spears Netflix documentary?

Britney vs Spears via Netflix Media Center
Britney vs Spears via Netflix Media Center /

Britney vs Spears, the Britney Spears Netflix documentary, has finally premiered and continued to peel back the layers of the 13-year conservatorship on the Grammy-winning pop icon.

Of course, the Netflix documentary comes on the heels of two New York Times-produced documentaries that aired on FX and Hulu called Framing Britney Spears and Controlling Britney Spears.

Although all three documentaries navigate the same subject matter, they each bring forth new information pertaining to the conservatorship case and feature interviews from various insiders connected to the conservatorship of Britney Spears.

Who appears in the Britney Spears Netflix documentary? From layers to reporters, doctors to former confidantes, here’s who can be seen and heard in Britney vs Spears on Netflix.

Who is in the Britney Spears Netflix documentary?

While no one from the Spears family appears in any of the documentaries released about the global pop legend or agreed to comment on them, a number new figures are featured in Britney vs Spears to add new perspectives to the conservatorship case.

Here’s a complete list of the key people interviewed in the Britney Spears Netflix documentary:

  • Erin Lee Carr, the director and producer of the film who’s an award-nominated documentary filmmaker and self-professed longtime fan of Britney.
  • Adnan Ghalib, a former paparazzi photographer who was assigned to follow Britney in 2007 and quickly became her close friend, speaks without appearing on camera.
  • John Nazarian, a private investigator hired by Britney’s legal team in 2007, also speaks to the filmmakers over the phone.
  • Mark Vincent Kaplan, the attorney of Britney’s ex-husband and father of her children Kevin Federline, appears on camera to speak about the case.
  • Jenny Eliscu, a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine who profiled Britney twice, first in 2001 and again in 2008. Eliscu recounts the time she attempted to help Britney secure a new lawyer in 2009.
  • Sam Lutfi, a controversial figure from Britney’s past and her short-lived manager, appears for an on-camera interview to discuss his knowledge.
  • Felicia Culotta, Britney’s former assistant and close friend, again sits down for an on-camera interview after also appearing in both Hulu documentaries. Culotta declines talking about Jamie Spears and commenting on other personal matters.
  • Tony Chicotel, a conservatorship attorney, offers his knowledge on conservatorships.
  • Jordan Miller, the creator of the popular fansite Breathe Heavy.
  • Lorilee Craker, the co-author of Lynne Spears’s memoir Through the Storm, appears via video interview to comment on matters surrounding Lutfi.
  • Adam Streisand, an attorney who tried to help Britney in the early days of the conservatorship, details his attempts on camera.
  • Dr. James Edward Spar, a geriatric psychiatrist whose name appears on a medical document, sits down for an interview but refused to confirm his involvement in the conservatorship.
  • Andrew Gallery, the cinematographer of the 2008 MTV documentary Britney: For the Record, details how he became close to Britney and reads an old letter she wrote for him to read to the media in response to a People magazine cover story on Federline.
  • Tania Baron, a former dancer for Britney, speaks through a video interview and shares memories about reuniting with Britney during her Las Vegas residency.

Following all of the investigations from the filmmakers and interviews from the inside sources, Britney’s current lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, released a statement to the filmmakers, which is reproduced on screen at the film’s conclusion.

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