The Circle season 3 spoilers: Who was blocked and eliminated in episodes 9-12?

THE CIRCLE Matthew/Ashley in season 3 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. Netflix ©2021
THE CIRCLE Matthew/Ashley in season 3 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. Netflix ©2021 /

The Circle season 3 is nearly in the books and the path to the finale took several unexpected turns this week with the four latest episodes of the season bringing a wave of shocking eliminations.

When we last left things, Daniel and Nick had been named Influencers and were presented with a potentially game-changing opportunity when it was revealed they would each be blocking a player from The Circle. Adding another layer to the twist, they’d be doing so without consulting one another thus giving both players the chance to make bold moves without their fellow influencer having any say in their choice.

Of course, that was just the beginning as battle lines were soon drawn after resulting in a string of surprising moments with one jaw-dropping elimination after another.

Whose game came to an end just shy of the season finale? Let’s take a look at which unlucky players were blocked this week on The Circle.

ALERT!  We’re about to get into spoilers for the latest four episodes of The Circle season 3. If you haven’t yet checked out the latest episodes of the season and are hoping to avoid any spoilers, now might be a good time for your to exit Circle Chat and come back once you’ve finished your binge of episodes 9-12!

Who is blocked in The Circle season 3 episode 9?

Picking up where episode 8 left off, The Circle season 3, episode 9 kicked off with a pair of shocking eliminations as Nick and Daniel sent two players packing. The first player to be blocked in episode 9 was Jackson aka Rachel, who was sent home at the hands of Daniel.

Following the surprise decision, Nick sought swift retribution for his fallen bandmate by sending Daniel’s closest ally home by blocking Ruksana.

After the shocking eliminations, yet another player left The Circle but not via your standard blocking. As we found out, the advantage Calvin gave to Nick in allowing him to play as a burner account was only good for one blocking. Because of this, Nick’s burner account Vince “left” The Circle in the episode.

Who is blocked in The Circle season 3 episode 10?

Surprisingly, there were no players blocked from The Circle in the tenth episode of season 3 due in part to the episode ending with a cliffhanger resulting in the blocking occurring in episode 11 instead.

Who is blocked in The Circle season 3 episode 11?

At the end of episode 10, Nick and James were named influencers — a move that set the stage for one of the most intense blockings of the season. Given the pair were on opposing sides of the game, it was impossible to predict who was going home and it looked like James was going to pick off one of Nick’s alliance members.

However, thanks to Nick’s smooth-talking and strong gameplay, he managed to convince James to agree to blocking Daniel resulting in his elimination from the game.

Who is blocked in The Circle season 3 episode 12?

Following Daniel’s shocking elimination, tensions were at an all-time high heading into the penultimate episode of the season. With only one blocking left before the finale, the players strategically ranked their fellow players based on who would help get them into the finale which once again led to James and Nick being named influencers.

This time around, though, James and Nick were named secret influencers meaning that their identities were concealed including from one another. After another intense back and forth, the duo agreed to block The Circle’s newest player, Jacki.

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