The Circle season 3’s Ruksana Carroll age, Instagram, height, TikTok, job and more

The Circle: Season 3. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
The Circle: Season 3. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

We have another cast member of The Circle season 3 that many fans would like to get to know, and her name is Ruksana Carroll.

We’re not sure how she’s going to play the game, but we do know some information about who she is and what she does. So we’re going to tell you everything we know about one of the contestants on the upcoming season.

Every season of the hit Netflix original, we get the chance to meet some interesting people who come from various backgrounds. Ruksana is no exception. Not much is known about Ruksana just yet, but with a drama-filled show such as The Circle, she may bring a new twist to the upcoming season.

We all love a good twist, right? So, let’s dive deep into Ruksana’s background and get to know her before the new season premieres on Netflix on Sept. 8.

The Circle season 3’s Ruksana Carroll age

Even though Kai Ghost‘s birthdate remains unknown, Ruksana makes her birthdate very known. According to a picture that Ruksana posted on her Instagram on Jan. 31, 2020, she was 35 years old at the time. We can assume that Jan. 31 is her birthday based on the caption and hashtags.

Now that Jan. 31 has passed once again, she is currently 36 years old. She’s also an Aquarian like Kai Ghost. I wonder if they’ll team up this season since they share the same zodiac sign.

The Circle season 3’s Ruksana Carroll Instagram

Ruksana’s Instagram is @ruksanacarroll. She currently has a little over 1.5k followers, but we’re pretty sure her follower count will skyrocket when the new season is released. We can tell that she’s family-oriented because she has multiple photos of her husband and daughter.

Will she use her love for her family to her advantage in the competition to become well-liked by the other contestants? We’re not sure, but it could definitely earn her some cool points.

Also, if you’re into family channels on YouTube, be sure to check out Ruksana and her husband’s YouTube channel.

The Circle season 3’s Ruksana Carroll height

One thing that we love about Ruksana is that she’s proud of who she is and lets it be known to the world. She stands at 4 feet and 4 inches and is as confident as she could be! She’s considered a little person and isn’t ashamed to admit it. You go, Ruksana!

The Circle season 3’s Ruksana Carroll TikTok

You can find Ruksana on TikTok @madamecarroll. She posts videos with her family, but most of her videos are of her daughter dancing. See, we weren’t lying when we said she loves her family. Try to check out her TikTok because her daughter is so cute!

The Circle season 3’s Ruksana Carroll job

You might’ve seen Ruksana before because she’s appeared on other reality shows before The Circle. If you watch Family Feud or The Newlywed Game, you’ve probably seen her and her family participate in those game shows. However, her job isn’t as a reality star.

According to Celebhook, Ruksana’s actual job is as a Senior Payroll Administrator. So, she’s doing well for herself.

After learning this new information about Ruksana, will you be rooting for her when The Circle season 3 drops on Netflix on Sept. 8?

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