The Circle season 3 spoilers: Who were influencers in episodes 5-8?

The Circle: Season 3. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
The Circle: Season 3. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

Netflix has released the next batch of episodes of The Circle season 3, and in these episodes, the competition has intensified. It’s expected when playing a game that has a $100,000 grand prize at the end.

When the fifth episode starts, we pick up right where we left off in episode 4, but it doesn’t take long for new alliances to form and tension to rise. We even see flirting between players.

As we move on to the next couple of episodes, we see new players enter The Circle (one being a mysterious ghost hunter) and new influencers taking control of the game.

There were more shocking twists, and a player was blocked from the competition that we least expected. So, in this batch of episodes, who were the influencers? Who had the power to eliminate more players from the game?

Let’s delve into the influencers from episodes 5-8.

WARNING: Spoilers from The Circle season 3 ahead!

The Circle season 3 influencers episodes 5-8

We find out the next two influencers in episode 6. After an intense rating process, Ashley and Isabella are crowned influencers, and everyone is shocked. Ashley is ranked at No.1 and Isabella at No.2.

Surprisingly, Kai is ranked at No. 3. Starting from episode 5 all the way to episode 8, many players begin seeing Kai as real competition. Some even begin to question if she’s a catfish.

We thought that Kai was going to be the unlucky player blocked from The Circle, but she was safe. Instead, Ashley and Isabella decided to eliminate one of Kai’s biggest allies, Calvin.

Moving on to episode 8, we find out the next two influencers after another round of ratings. The ratings start with Kai ranking at the No. 8 spot. Her ranking was shocking for some players because she had been ranking pretty high up until then.

This put some players in panic mode. After the 3-7 spots are filled, Nick and Daniel become circle influencers, and other players hope they don’t get blocked.

Daniel has an alliance with Ruksana, Kai and James, and Nick has an alliance with Ashley, Isabella and Jackson. This makes for a complicated blocking decision.

However, the episode ends with no answer to who is blocked from The Circle, but there are three shocking twists revealed that will change the game.

Make sure to keep watching The Circle season 3 as more episodes drop weekly on Netflix!

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