Virgin River season 2 recap ahead of the season 3 release

VIRGIN RIVER - Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe of VIRGIN RIVER - NETFLIX (c) 2020
VIRGIN RIVER - Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe of VIRGIN RIVER - NETFLIX (c) 2020 /

Who’s ready for a new season of Netflix’s romantic series Virgin River? The fan-favorite was renewed for another installment back in December 2020, and fans were pleasantly surprised when news hit that Virgin River season 3 would be debuting this July. We were all expecting we wouldn’t get the new season until fall or winter!

While it hasn’t been a year yet since we last left off on Virgin River, it has been a while since season 2 debuted back in November 2020. And so, I’m sure you’re looking for a refresher on what happened last for Mel, Jack, and the rest of our favorite characters. Virgin River season 3 debuts this Friday, July 9, so you’d best be ready for your next binge!

What happened in Virgin River season 2?

As with the premiere season, a whole lot of drama goes down in Virgin River season 2. It starts off with Mel and Jack broken up as Charmaine gets ready to have her babies. Hope and Doc are dating again — but in secret — and Hope even encourages Doc to start going out with Muriel as a decoy. Not her smartest move, I must say! As for Paige, things begin to go south after her abusive ex-husband Wes pays her a visit. She accidentally kills him, a move that Preacher helps cover up.

As you’d expect, Mel and Jack are on and off this season, with both parties clearly in love with one another but fearful of what a romantic relationship would amount to. And of course, it doesn’t help that Charmaine is still in love with Jack and bothers Mel about their relationship any chance she can get.

We’re also introduced to a new character named Lizzie, Connie’s teenage granddaughter who comes to stay with her. Only interested in shopping and boys, Lizzie is a problem child who eventually strikes up a romance with Ricky.

One of the biggest overarching conflicts in Virgin River season 2 is Calvin and his workers on the weed farm. After Brady is fired from Jack’s bar, he starts working with Calvin and is tasked with killing Spencer.

Virgin River season 2 ending explained

Fortunately, by the end of Virgin River season 2, however, we find out Brady doesn’t kill Calvin and he actually helps him and his family get out of town. But there’s still more trouble to come.

In the finale of Virgin River season 2, Mel and Jack are back together and Charmaine is devastated, even threatening to keep their babies away from Jack. In the final moments of episode 10, Mel arrives at the bar only to find Jack passed out on the floor with a bullet wound. Uh oh!

Obviously, we’re expecting Virgin River season 3 to open up on an emotional note as we find out what happened to Jack. Poor Mel! She goes through far too much on this show.

Check out the trailer for Virgin River season 3 down below.

And make sure to tune in for Virgin River season 3 when it debuts this Friday, July 9 on Netflix!

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