Virgin River season 2 ending explained and what’s next in Virgin River season 3

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Virgin River season 2

VIRGIN RIVER – David Cubitt as Calvin; Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady; Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan of VIRGIN RIVER – NETFLIX (c) 2020

What happens at the end of Virgin River season 2?

Virgin River season 2 premiered on Netflix on Friday, Nov. 27, and fans have been binge-watching the new season of the Netflix original series at a breakneck pace.

The series is the most-watched show on Netflix right now, less than one week after its release, and I expect it will remain one of the most-watched Netflix dramas of the year.

Now, it’s time to talk about the end of Virgin River season 2 and what it all means for Virgin River season 3.

We broke down the ending of season 2 by character and also speculated what’s going to happen to each main character in Virgin River season 3.

If you hadn’t heard, Virgin River season 3 is happening at Netflix. It’s not official yet, but it’s definitely happening. It sounds life filming has already started on the new season.

There are major spoilers ahead for Virgin River season 2!

What’s going to happen to Brady in Virgin River season 3?

Brady made some big movies in Virgin River season 2. After getting in deep with Calvin’s crew, Brady was forced to show his commitment to the cause by killing Spencer, who was working with Jack and going to work with the police to take down Calvin’s operation.

We learned at the end of season 2 that Brady didn’t, in fact, kill Spencer. He actually saved his life. He drove Spencer and his family to the bus station to get them out of town and away from Calvin and his operation.

We also learned that Brady was going to be arrested at the end of season 2. He was very involved with multiple levels of the drug distribution ring, and he’s probably going to pay the price. Likely, he will receive some kind of leniency for protecting a witness, but that might not actually work out for him.

If Calvin and his guys find out that Brady betrayed them and was responsible for their downfall, he’s likely going to be a target in season 3 and beyond.

Things are not looking good for Brady in Virgin River season 3.

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