Charlize Theron confirms The Old Guard 2 filming begins in 2022

THE OLD GUARD (2020) - clockwise from top: Matthias Schoenaerts ("BookerÕ), Charlize Theron ("Andy"), Luca Marinelli ("NickyÓ).Photo Credit: AIMEE SPINKS/NETFLIX ©2020
THE OLD GUARD (2020) - clockwise from top: Matthias Schoenaerts ("BookerÕ), Charlize Theron ("Andy"), Luca Marinelli ("NickyÓ).Photo Credit: AIMEE SPINKS/NETFLIX ©2020 /

The Netflix superhero film The Old Guard was a huge hit for the streamer. In the first four weeks of the release, the film was viewed by 78 million households. That statistic puts the film in the top 10 most successful launches in Netflix history. The overall consensus was this film needs a sequel.

Well, good news! Variety has reported that Charlize Theron confirmed filming will begin in the first quarter of 2022.

The film is based on a comic of the same name written by Greg Rucka, who also wrote the film. The Old Guard is about a group of immortal mercenaries who are seeking revenge against a CIA operative.

The original film starred Theron along with KiKi Layne, Marwan Kenzari, Luca Marinelli, Harry Melling, Veronica Ngo, Matthias Schoenaerts and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The sequel will see the return of Theron, and she has confirmed that Kenzari and Marinelli will also return.

Is the Old Guard 2 on Netflix?

Currently, Netflix has The Old Guard available to stream. The sequel, The Old Guard 2, is set to begin production early in 2022. Realistically, the streamer could release the second film toward the beginning of 2023.

The Old Guard has protected mortals for years only to be exposed by a CIA operative, who recruits them for an emergency mission and proceeds to record their rejuvenation. In the first film, the group is joined by a new member trying to come to grips with her newfound immortality. New members will appear in dreams of the current members until they can locate them, bring them on and explain their situation.

New members learn of Quynh, a member who was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to be placed in an iron maiden years ago. She was then thrown into the sea where, because of her immortality, she continually drowns. At the end of the first film, we see Quynh sitting in an apartment in Paris.

Will the second film focus on Quynh? There has been no information about what the synopsis of the sequel will be. The synopsis of the second edition of the comic reads:

"When you’ve waged war as long as Andy and her squad, you’ve gotten your hands more than bloody. Now, the day has come to confront the sins of the past. But as Nile struggles to make peace with the team, the last person Andy expected ever to see again returns to challenge not only what Andy believes in, but what the team is willing to fight for."

Time will tell if the sequel will follow the comic storyline. Keep watching Netflix Life for more in formation on The Old Guard 2.

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